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First time at foyers

By Liz Baird

Galleries open up fresh wares for Festival at Queen's

With the release of the Belfast Festival at Queen's programme last week, it seems appropriate to whet everyone's appetites with a brief look at what we can expect in the galleries.

For a start, the visual arts seem to be getting pretty good coverage with quite a few special festival shows and an overall total of 14 exhibitions.

First of all, in the Naughton Gallery and QFT foyer are two internationally acclaimed artists showing for the first time in the UK and the Republic - Marc Didou and Gabrielle Leidloff. Didou draws and creates 'dramatic layered sculptures using Magnetic Resonance Imagery', while Leidloff uses 'X-ray and eye-tracking technology' to create strange, ephemeral, shadowy images. All very 'new technology', cutting edge and exciting. Emphasis on new technologies again in the Annual Student Show at Catalyst Arts which claims to be, "a showcase for the exciting and provocative work of Ireland's emerging artists".

Trevor Brown is having a solo show in Charles Gilmore Galleries and most of the works will be based on the family farm where he grew up. He has an imaginative and very individual approach to all things country, especially the animals. Neil Shawcross will be showing new paintings at the Arttank and apparently the works are "of a gargantuan scale on canvas", so that is definitely one for the diary. JB Vallely continues his exploration of Gaelic culture and tradition with his interpretation of The Flight of the Earls which will be showing in the foyer of the Grand Opera House.

Limerick artist Donald Teskey will be showing new works in the Mullan gallery. Teskey uses landscape to explore shape, form, composition, texture and the contrasts of light and shade. Benjamin de Burca, on the other hand, uses the work of others as a starting point for his own. He gathers reproductions and then re-forms their surfaces, distressing them in various ways, before reinstating them as artworks. This process "creates a power struggle between the original surface, its intended meaning and that of the newly developed surface". His Things Will Always Be The Same, Again will be in the Old Museum.

Other exhibitions will include The Double Image, the latest installment in the Collective Histories series curated by Dougal McKenzie, in the Golden Thread Gallery, I Must Not Write Poetry in Class, new paintings by Paul Yates in the Tom Caldwell Gallery, New Paintings by portrait artist Gareth Reid in the Ava Gallery and Portraits: Some Questions About Veiling by Jane Brettle (UK) and Tulu Bayar (US) in Belfast Exposed. That leaves only the two person show - Chung Eun Mo and Nathalie Du Pasquier - in the Fenderesky.

The Festival begins on October 19, so there's plenty of time to get organized.

For dates, times and details contact or tel: 9097 1197.

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