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Fooling all of the people, all of the time

By Grania McFadden

Various venues across Belfast city centre, April 28-May 2

There’s nothing like a bit of a laugh to lighten the load — and Belfast’s looking forward to its annual grinathon, when the Festival Of Fools comes to town.

Street artists from Australia, USA, Germany, France and Canada, along with jokers from Finland (who knew?) Holland and England will join the local gagsters for three days of chortling.

Catalan company La Tal (above) will be the first to reach for the tickle button, performing Carillon. Set in the machinations of a giant working clock mechanism, a series of characters emerge to mark time. Knights battles it out for the love of a damsel and knaves and clowns crank up the slapstick comedy in a ding-dong of a show which raises the curtain on a weekend of tomfoolery across the city centre.

This year’s festival also includes plenty of monkey business, courtesy of Nakupelle, a company made up of actors, from America and Finland, who are on their wacky way to Belfast to perform Monkey Bizness.

The monkey in question even has his own organ grinder, Italo, whose job it is to keep his cheeky chimp in line. But a pocket full of treats isn’t enough to keep his companion in line and it’s not long before our monkey is getting a little bit funky!

Combining slapstick, Italian Commedia and Animal Channel, this show will have all the little monkeys in your house in stitches. You’re having a laugh!

Monkey Bizness: Nakupelle is on at the City Hall, Rosemary Street and Fountain Street, Belfast May 1 at 3pm and 5pm, May 2 at 12pm and 2pm.

Those in search of a laugh don’t need to book in advance but for more information on the funny business, visit or ring 028 90333003.

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