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Free runners and urban street artists at Belfast night club

By Gary Grattan

Dublin-based free runners 'Displacement', four talented urban street artists and a number of models wearing body art were the centre of attention at Belfast's Stiff Kitten when Beck's Vier staged its 'Music Inspires Art' event.

Niki MacCorquodale, Beck's Vier Brand Manager, explained: "Tonight we are celebrating Beck's Veir and all that it stands for. We have local artists and some free runners who have illustrated the four main ingredients in Beck's Veir - hops, water, yeast and barley."

The special night kicked-off a major advertising campaign and follows on from a comprehensive sampling and recruitment campaign.

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Urban artist Kev Largey explained: "We were each given copies of a CD put together by the DJ Rigsy and we each chose one of the tracks and interpreted it on each of the four canvases here tonight.

"I chose a hip-hop track. There are basically four elements to hip-hop and I tried to represent them all in my piece."

Marion Noone - who like Kev and the other two artists (Miguel Martin and Lucas Dillon) is associated with the Spoom Collective, chose a track called 'Zombie' for her work and opted for a 1950s pin-up style.

"Urban street art is a really good scene in Belfast. It's a city that has really embraced the mural culture over a large number of years," she added.

'King Mac', a member of Displacement, said free running was a growing discipline throughout Ireland.

"It's a very healthy scene across the country and seems to be going from strength to strength each year," he added.

His colleague 'Fly Boy' added: "We have been in Belfast several times. There is a fairly large free running scene in Belfast and we come up here and train with local practitioners from time to time."

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