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Galleries: Making History 1916 and Gerard Dillon

Making History 1916 Ulster Museum, Belfast Until September 18 Tues-Sun, 10am-5pm

This exhibition brings together extensive photographic and video archive material in support of the theme 'creativity in 1916', in order to explore the concept of everyone in society playing a part in the making of history.

We can clearly see how certain events can create new roles, for instance during the war in 1916 women moved out of the home to work in the munitions factories (above), an event which was really the start of female emancipation.

The exhibition is presented in five separate zones and much of the material has been provided by The Imperial War Museum, National Museums NI, National Library of Ireland and PRONI.


Gerard Dillon

Ulster Museum, Belfast

Until Sunday, November 6

Tues-Sun, 10am-5pm

This retrospective, subtitled Painter, Dreamer, Clown, marks the centenary of Dillon's birth in Belfast's Falls Road area.

It features many of his best loved works and examines his connections with Belfast, London and the west of Ireland. The central themes of Dillon's work, including self-portraiture, the west of Ireland and his alter ego Pierrot, are examined. Dillon began his working life as a decorator. In 1936 he started out as a virtually self-taught artist and in 1942 had his first exhibition. A number of the works belong to private collections and this is a chance to view them before they are once again hidden from public view.

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