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Little Shop of Horrors

By Grania McFadden

Stranmillis College Theatre, Belfast, Tuesday, June 22-26, 7.45pm

Based on Roger Corman's film, Seymour Krelborn, a florist's assistant, has his life turned around when, after an eclipse of the sun, he uncovers a rather unusual plant. He calls his latest edition Audrey II after the salesgirl who has captured his heart. But like his love, the plant fails to thrive — until he discovers its true diet: blood. As Audrey II blossoms, bringing Seymour fame and fortune, the two strike a Faustian pact. Seymour, his boss Mushnik, Audrey and her abusive dentist boyfriend are swept into the plant's evil machinations as its true motives become clear.

Heather Dunlop, Paul Masterson and Drew Reid star in the show. Tickets from tel: 0844 277 4455.

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