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Making sculpture a spoonful of fun

Millennium Court Arts Centre,

William Street, Portadown

Until May 5,

Mon, Fri, Sat 10am-5pm,

Tues-Thurs, 10am-9pm

Described as "a playful exhibition and an interesting, fun installation for gallery visitors", this exhibition includes the large-scale reproductions of teaspoons, treated in a variety of ways. The sculptor, Lesley Yendell, came from Leeds originally, and has completed numerous residencies in places such as Spain and France, as well as Northern Ireland. She is now based in Barcelona. Spoons are a recurring image in her work and have significant meanings in their association with food, comfort, sustenance, nurture and love as well as as an instrument of measure.

In the interest of understanding just what these oversized objects are all about, it helps to begin with the definition of the exhibition title, Transposer, which means: to alter the positions of; interchange, as words in a sentence; put in a different order. In this case, read principally 'to alter' - something which Yendell does with both imagination and humour. These everyday objects are found, much larger than life, receiving projections, cradling others and generally interacting with the gallery space.

They are transformed not only in scale but in function - they grow natural, root-like hairs, are distanced from reality and transposed into a poetic universe of their own.

This is a serious exhibition but with a great, fun side, and kids will love it. Lesley says: "I hope in the end that my work offers a discourse where humour and tenderness do not impede its effectiveness."

For details, see www.millenniumcourt.org