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One lump or 250,000? Cubist masterpieces from the artist who sculpts with sugar

By Amanda Poole

Life is sweet for artist Brendan Jamison.

For the 32-year-old has built a remarkable career on his ground-breaking sugar cube sculptures. One is currently the largest such structure in the world.

Now the Co Down man has brought his painstaking talent home to recreate some more familiar structures.

North Down Borough Council commissioned him to make a sculpture of his home town Bangor's most recognisable landmark, the Town Hall.

Made entirely of sugar cubes, it will include the hands on the clock pointing to eight minutes to seven, or 18:52 in the 24-hour clock, also the year the Wards built the Elizabethan Revival-style mansion.

As part of the ninth Art On The Seafront project, Brendan will be in residence in North Down museum until Friday, where he is coordinating free public sugar cube building workshops.

Over the past eight years his work has been exhibited in public, private and corporate collections throughout the world.

The University of Ulster Art College graduate has two other shows running at the moment.

The first, at the Towner Museum of Contemporary Art in Eastbourne, features a five-metre high sugar cube sculpture called 'Tower'. It's the largest sugar cube sculpture in the world, weighs nearly 80-stone and took 250,000 sugar cubes to complete.

The second is running in the Dickon Hall Gallery at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast until September 2 and features the largest pieces from his Co Down-inspired Helen's Tower series.

Thankfully, none of his commissions have ever been ruined by a rogue cup of spilled tea.

He said: "I keep the studio very clean and there are no drinks allowed! Once commissions are complete they are covered in cases, so that prevents damage."

Jamison said he first began to experiment with sugar sculpture in 2003.

"Obviously bronze, stone and wood are quite common, so I wanted to explore a new material and create my own signature style."

He said people are thoroughly enjoying trying out sugar sculpture for themselves during his residency in Bangor.

"Workshops are open to adults and children alike. It's been an overwhelming success."

For further information about the Town Hall sculpture call 028 9127 1200 or visit For more about Brendan, visit

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