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Review: Audience enchanted by the twist in famous tale

The Three Little Pigs

By Simon Fallaha

What if the third little pig did manage to triumph over his big, bad wolfish oppressor, but didn't get to celebrate the fruit of his labour?

It's the sort of darkly humorous, lightly toned scenario Roald Dahl would have entertained (and did), and that Kim Vaughan and her Quercus Ensemble were more than eager to entertain in a buzzing Waterfront Studio.

Following on from the Ensemble's successful 2013 adaptation of Dahl's Revolting Rhyme about Little Red Riding Hood, composer Paul Patterson, conductor Tom Crowley, the Quercus instrumentalists and, most prominently, narrator Sara Dylan, skilfully set about adapting its direct sequel, The Three Little Pigs. They did so by retaining the Dahlian essence in a comically interactive and richly tuneful manner.

With only a handful of props, Dylan was in harmony and unity with the tone of the source material, the sound of the musicians - and, most importantly, the joy of the audience.

Four stars

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