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Review: Comedian Ross Noble finds laughs in the mundane


Ross Noble

Ross Noble


Ross Noble

Geordie comedian Ross Noble was in fine form on stage in Belfast last night.

His Tangentleman show went down a storm with the crowd.

Noble improvises much of his material, using the audience and their pretty minimal contributions to come up with his surreal and physical brand of comedy.

We were treated to thoughts on free speech, arthritic chickens, goth giraffes, time travel, holograms and nutty bras, among other most unusual topics.

He praised the "earnest clap" the Belfast audience gave to the not so ridiculous idea that "being controversial about religion" was our job and he was delighted to learn a man at the gig was laughing so much he felt like he was "laying an egg", suggesting it was the "greatest compliment" he had ever received. A caveman impression, various attempts at our strong accent and the suggestion he gave to a disillusioned property manager who wants to travel that she could become a hobo - because all she needed was a stick and a hanky - went down well.

Noble is likeable, far out and lots of fun. His tour team must surely have a great time with this very talented entertainer, who can make a zany, nonsense-filled, humorous routine out of the seemingly mundane.

Three stars

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