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Review: Crazy at The Mac, Belfast - Audiences still crazy for filthy farce

By Andrew Johnston

GBL Productions' latest comedy play is another crowd-pleaser from the dirty minds that gave us 50 Shades Of Red, White and Blue.

Belfast woman Ruby (Caroline Curran) is a Patsy Cline-obsessed singleton with a habit of picking the wrong lover.

Meanwhile, in age-old fashion, her sweet-natured flatmate Gary (Ciaran Nolan) has the hots for her, but remains firmly in the 'friend zone'.

The third character - or wheel - is the pair's lodger, Ruby's slobbish cousin Eddie (Marty Maguire), a man whose idea of a good time is sitting around in his Union Jack boxers, drinking Gary's beer. And so the Mac stage was set yesterday evening for a filthy farce woven around the lyrics of Cline's greatest hits. Writer Brenda Murphy's wordplay didn't stretch much further than characters confusing ISIS for ISAs, tombola for Ebola or PMT for PTSD.

And there was a rather laboured running gag involving Eddie's illicit meat parcel racket.

But what lifted Crazy above the modest material was another energised central performance by Maggie Muff herself, Curran.

The actress's way with the word 'bastard' is worth the price of admission alone.

A further comic high spot came at the start of act two, when Ruby went on a series of hilarious blind internet dates with some increasingly awful blokes.

It all might be too crude or coarse for many theatre-goers' tastes, but GBL have hit on a formula with this stuff, and audiences love it. And there's nothing crazy about that.

Three stars

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