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Review: One Night in Istanbul - Like epic match, this is a play of two halves


The Grand Opera House in Belfast

The Grand Opera House in Belfast


The Grand Opera House in Belfast

A stage musical based on Liverpool FC's Champions League victory in Istanbul in 2005 - you can scoff, but of course a show like this is only ever going to be preaching to the converted.

And yes, in the interest of full disclosure, this reviewer is a Liverpool fan. But even with that in mind, One Night In Istanbul proved a difficult show to love.

It was a very different beast to The Story of LFC, a show by the same production team at the Odyssey Arena last September. In that show the characters were just ciphers through which to tell the story of the real star of the show - Liverpool FC in all its rich history.

This time, the match and the club provided the backdrop and the focus was on two sets of Scouse fathers and sons who had travelled, yet again, to watch their team chase European glory.

Like the famous match against AC Milan, the second half was much better than the first, as the bizarre crime-caper plot reached its climax in sync with the match.

But you'd be better off watching your DVD of the match for the umpteenth time instead.

Two stars

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