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Review: Sweaty comic Lee Evans plays it all for laughs

By Amanda Ferguson

Lee Evans is silly, sweaty and provides plenty of laughs.

Following a performance in Dublin, where his unintentionally topical joke about paying for water went down a storm, the comedian was on stage in Belfast last night in front of 8,500 people for the first of two sold out gigs.

Monsters was full of his usual physical, full on, sweary material.

Despite being an international star Evans started by telling us how grateful he was "for the opportunity" and then he showcased a cracker Belfast accent.

There was lots of what I would describe as "bad but good dad jokes", like getting into trouble for fishing at the sealife centre and quips about farting.

The gurning, leaping, physical performing with vocal quirks and sound effects is where Evans excels, such as pretending to be a worm on a hook trying to warn the approaching fish.

I love comedy with an edge that references real world events, so while observational material about speed bumps, airport security, dining out and public transport staff raises smiles it didn't exactly make my sides sore.

It's not the best comedy gig I've been to but most definitely not the worst.

Three stars

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