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Review: Vincent River, Crescent Arts Centre

Philip Ridley's millennium drama that provided a super-dramatic finale to Belfast's Pride 2010, is very London and rather 1960s in its terms of reference.

Imagine Pinter without the pauses, and you're there. Anita (a superb Eleanor Methven) greets awkward boy Davey (promising newcomer Kerr Logan) into her tatty Bethnal Green flat almost like an EastEnders matriarch.

One has lost her son, the brutally murdered and gay Vincent, the other has lost his newly discovered lover, the same man who in a beautiful passage is described by Davey as the person who was his oxygen and made everything real.

In terms of acting, this claustrophic two-hander was at times excellent, at times a little hesitant, conveying the almost Greek tragedy status Ridley's language gives to a sordid homophobic crime.

Directed by Sophie Motley, Vincent River provided an illuminating glimpse of the risks of a violent world dominated by prejudice.

Jane Hardy

Belfast Telegraph