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Rostrevor inspires magical art

By Elizabeth Baird and Grania McFadden

Susan's work is bright, even magical, and many of the images she chooses to paint are inspired by the fairytale surroundings of Rostrevor; the mountains, the sea, the wonderful light and the reflections.


Ards Arts Centre, Town Hall, Conway Square, Newtownards

Until Jan 21. Daily 10.30pm-4.30pm

Scottish artist Shona Shirley McDonald visually depicts the story of protagonist Juniper and her companions as they make their way through an imaginary world. As they search this landscape they come across things that are mysterious, peculiar and often threatening, constantly challenging them to make sense of this new and strange land.

Absorption: Ellie Niblock

Ards Arts Centre, Newtownards

Until Jan 21. Daily 10.30pm-4.30pm

The works highlight some of the new skills and inspiration that the artist gained when travelling in India, exposed to new surroundings full of vivid colour, new smells, new foods and an entirely different way of life.

What the Donkey Saw, Grimes & McKee

Lyric Theatre Belfast

until January 18 7.45pm

It's the greatest story ever told, as seen through the eyes of the only truly reliable witness - the donkey.

Grimes and McKee are back with their irreverent comedy, looking for answers to some big questions: why didn't Joseph book a room in advance? Didn't he know the place would be packed for Christmas? Who looked after the sheep while the shepherds were wetting the baby's head? Would the wise men not have been wiser to club together and buy the baby a high-chair?

Just a few questions to ponder while you make your mind up to come and see this hilarious version of the Christmas story. For details tel: 028 9038 1081.

Elizabeth Baird & Grania McFadden

Susan Farrel-Lewis: Good Craic Gifts

13 Church Street, Rostrevor

Until Jan 14. For opening times, visit

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