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St Gall's Parish Church art exhibition

By Liz Baird

St Galls Church, 171 Crawfordsburn Road, Bangor,Thurs, Sept 2–5, Preview Wed, Sept I, 7–9pm

Don’t instantly dismiss this exhibition as being full of amateur rubbish as, now in its 16th year, this show is definitely one of the best exhibits of its type.

Naturally the standard is varied and you need to take the good with the bad, but it is a great opportunity to pick up a Cupar Pilson or a Jenny Baird (twice winner of the print prize at the RUA) as well as a number of others at a very good price.

I’m also delighted to see that they stipulate ‘no giclee prints or art prints from a digital source using inkjet-based print through scanning, computer or disc of an original work onto canvas or paper’.

These prints can be run off by the hundred on the computer and really have little more value than a picture from a magazine — fine if they are priced accordingly but generally they’re in the same price range as proper, art prints which is actually a bit of a con. For further information telephone 91 853810 Mon, Wed and Fri 10am–12noon.

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