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Starman: Circus artist's journey has feel-good factor

By Grania McFadden

Starman Market Place Theatre, Armagh. Sunday, March 20, 2pm. Have you ever looked to the heavens for guidance? Tumble Circus' family-friendly show looks at what happens when dreams and life collide.

Described as being on the "dark side of feel-good", it packs in puns, innuendo, and acrobatics - with a sprinkling of David Bowie for good measure. It follows the journey of one man and his life as a circus artist, a dad, and a clown.

Box office, tel: 028 3752 1821.


The Barracks, Exchange Place, Belfast

March 24-26, 7.30pm

Three pieces of short, dark, storytelling theatre, almost confession-like in their intimacy.

Bash features characters who are all members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. 'Iphigenia in Orem' is set in a hotel room in Vegas, where a young man talks to a stranger about his dead child.

'A Gaggle of Saints' sees a young couple address an audience about a recent trip to New York, while in 'Media Redux', a woman recalls her relationship with an old teacher.

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Strule Arts Centre, Omagh

Wednesday, March 23, 8pm

Tost is a word that has its roots in ancient Irish and means 'silence': the communication in between; that which is not spoken.

Dylan Quinn's production features two dancers in a space between words and worlds, and in the silence between language, action and thought. A reflection of the times we are living in, the medium of contemporary dance illustrates the ever-changing nature of modern-day life.

Box office, tel: 028 8224 7831.

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