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Stop the presses for unique showing

By Liz Baird

Caldwell Gallery, 429 Lisburn Road, Belfast, Until July 30, Monday & Saturday 10am–5pm

The Caldwell Gallery brings us yet another exhibition from one of Northern Ireland’s favourite artists, Neil Shawcross, with this collection of Recent Monotypes.

These are images that are created by a printing process using an etching press but, as the name ‘mono’ suggests, they are unique one-off paintings.

Creating images this way can produce textures that are not achieved by the more usual way of painting the image directly onto the paper.

Shawcross started doing monotype images some five or six years ago.

While some of these are included in the exhibition, the bulk of the show is of works done in late 2010 and as recently as three months ago.

There are some iconic images from Neil, mostly based on the nude although my personal favourite is Bull.

Something new are his works based around cakes and, in particular, I love his Cup Cake, which is a little more controlled than his usual free-flowing style.

Meanwhile, in the upstairs gallery will be another highlight, the Annual Summer Exhibition, which runs until the end of August.

The gallery has put together an exciting and varied exhibition which covers everything from Malcolm Bennett’s impressionistic landscapes to Barbara Rae’s colourful abstractions or Pat Hunt’s birds of paradise.

Both exhibitions can be viewed at

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