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Video: Stephen Nolan takes on Mr Tayto vending machine after late-night snack gets trapped

Stephen Nolan is used to boxing clever on the airwaves but he was floored by his toughest opponent yet - a Mr Tayto vending machine.

On the same day he got a telling off from his mum for filming her in her dressing gown, he ranted on Facebook after his pre-show snack got caught in the vending machine just five minutes before he was due to go live on air.

He said: "You think these things don't happen to me and they do all the time.

"I put my money in and look at that dangling thing. That could only happen to me. It's like one of those machines that pushes the coins over. I am demented now.

"My favourite Prawn and cocktail crisps are dangling. I can't get it out. It's defying gravity."

"I'm suing Mr Tayto."

Nolan then decided he can take on the machine and get his crisps with a few pushes.

"I'm a big guy and I can shake the machine," he said, "but no matter how many times I push this machine, they are not dropping."

The gloves were off as Nolan tried from a different angle but the vending machine remained on top.

"I use my massive, massive weight and I put my shoulder to this but if I push my whole weight to this thing, the crisps are still dangling just. It's unbellieveable. How on earth are they still on this," He said.

He gave it one more shake and psychsed himself up by telling himself "come on Stephen" but he was forced to throw in the towel and head back to the studio empty handed.

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