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X-Factor semi-finalist Mary Byrne tells of shock when the Queen told her she was 'fabulous'

X-Factor semi-finalist Mary Byrne has told of how nervous she was singing in front of The Queen during her historic trip to Dublin.

Mary was in Belfast to perform at the Waterfront Hall Studio with her eight-piece backing band.

But she took time out after her sound-check to give an exclusive video interview to the Belfast Telegraph.

The Dublin-born singer said: "She (The Queen) is sitting in the audience and I'm singing on stage and my nerves are really going.

"And then afterwards she comes up on stage to say hello to us - and I'm in shock.

"She took me by the hand and said 'your life must have changed now. I'd heard your voice before you sang tonight and I think you're fabulous'".

Mary also recalled the occasion when she sang in support of one of her idols - Neil Diamond - at the Aviva Stadium in her native city.

But she was taken aback when he paid her a personal visit before the show.

"I remember he came in, held me tightly and told me he knew my story.

"And he turned to my daughter and said 'Hang on to this woman of yours and give her all the love you can - because she is one hell of a singer'".

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