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Belfast Harbour key to NI’s exports

Belfast Harbour sponsors our excellence in exporting category in this year’s Business Awards


Gateway to trade: Belfast Harbour

Gateway to trade: Belfast Harbour

Gateway to trade: Belfast Harbour

Belfast Harbour is a port that works hard to deliver for everyone in Northern Ireland.

For generations it has been a core asset to the local economy and as the last few years have demonstrated, Belfast Harbour is more important than ever in the day-to-day lives of the people and businesses in this region, and in keeping our economy and supply chains moving.

In fact, more than two-thirds of what comes in and out of Northern Ireland by sea comes through Belfast Harbour.

And as the sponsor of the Excellence in Exporting Award at this year’s Belfast Telegraph Business Awards in partnership with Ulster Bank, it is important to note that most of what we export from Northern Ireland goes out through Belfast Harbour too – from stone for road building, to fresh produce, to products from new and emerging industries, such as gym and fitness equipment.

Belfast Harbour Estate, at the heart of the city’s Innovation District, has become a base for creators, inventors and innovators, with award-winning industries.

Our estate is also home to over 760 businesses including manufacturing businesses, and innovative industries like film and media, financial and legal services, cyber security and software development companies - many of whom produce and manufacture products and services which are exported around the world.

We work closely with our customers and tenants to fulfil the exporting and entrepreneurial potential of businesses in Northern Ireland and recognise that supporting and growing our exporting businesses is important for stimulating economic recovery and growing our regional economy.

In doing this, we are not only providing a gateway to trade, we are also providing a gateway to opportunity for businesses, people and communities.

Whilst we are first and foremost a port, we are much more. As a trust port that invests in our stakeholders, we’re passionate about ensuring that the economic growth delivered by Belfast Harbour is mirrored in our responsible business activity and engagement with local communities.

Delivering a positive social impact is at the heart of our decision making, as we develop sustainably, protect our environment and connect communities.

Social responsibility has been embedded in Belfast Harbour’s DNA for generations.

Our significant investment each year in grassroots community engagement and local charities is just one strand of our responsible business activity in action.

This has never been more important than in this, our 175th year, when we will celebrate the milestone alongside our partner organisations and neighbouring local communities.

Belfast Harbour would encourage the innovative exporting businesses across Northern Ireland to make the most of this opportunity to showcase their success and continued growth within the export markets.

We look forward to recognising and celebrating the impact and contribution of these businesses at this year’s Belfast Telegraph Business Awards.

To enter, go to www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/businessawards/enter

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