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Belfast Telegraph Business Awards: Messaging has never been more important, says NI Chamber’s Ann McGregor

NI Chamber’s Ann McGregor on supporting the Excellence in Marketing Award


NI Chamber’s Ann McGregor

NI Chamber’s Ann McGregor

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NI Chamber’s Ann McGregor

Over the past two years, our appetite for reliable information and news has been greater than ever, which has led to a renewed appreciation for the role of the marketing and communications function.

It has become clear that marketers make a significant contribution to both society and the business bottom line.

Marketing professionals across Northern Ireland have done fantastic work and many local brands have emerged from the pandemic even stronger than before.

As we rebuild and recover, marketers are an essential, not a desirable asset. Firms simply must invest in their marketing teams, or they will be left behind.

Now really is an interesting, exciting time to be a marketer in Northern Ireland. We have fantastic products and services which people across the world want to buy, so the potential to expand the reach of local brands is enormous.

By nature, people working in this function are storytellers and they should have no shortage of material here.

We have people and talent to shout about, brilliant innovations to share and so much potential to harness.

Directly and indirectly, marketing professionals play an important role in developing Northern Ireland’s reputation as a whole.

Strong brands, consistent messaging and businesses being seen to work collaboratively all play a role in shaping perceptions of Northern Ireland plc, making the region an attractive place to live, work and invest.

For example, our tourism and hospitality businesses have worked together to cement our reputation as one of the best places in the world for business events and marketing has played a significant role in achieving that.

Co-ordinated communications efforts have helped earn us a reputation as one of the best and fastest growing tech hubs in the world and in agri-food, the communication of our quality message has led to a world-wide appreciation of our produce.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s recent CMO 50 report says that marketing leaders are optimistic about the future.

However, they also understand there are many challenges and considerations ahead.

The availability of data presents huge opportunities for marketers to make information led decisions. But the sheer volume of it presents challenges too.

How and what do we measure? Where do we stop before information overload sets in?

And crucially, what do we do with all of this new insight? As businesses accelerate the digital transformation of their processes, these questions will come to the fore for many.

I speak with some experience, as it’s something we’re currently progressing at NI Chamber.

We’ve invested in digital technology to help us gain a much better understanding of our members.

It’s an exciting phase of our growth and our marketing team in particular has access to brilliant information which helps them to make good, strategic decisions quickly.

While it’s a learning curve we’re all on, it has already opened up massive potential.

As CEO of NI Chamber and a Fellow of the Charted Institute of Marketing myself, I see every day the impact that marketing professionals have in organisations across Northern Ireland.

Their work deserves acknowledgement, which is why NI Chamber is very proud to support the Excellence in Marketing category at the 2022 Belfast Telegraph Business Awards.

I can think of countless local businesses worthy of the accolade and encourage as many as possible to put themselves forward for the honour.

To enter, go to www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/businessawards/enter

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