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'Championing young people in business never more important'


Vision: CEO Tina McKenzie is looking towards growth and future opportunities

Vision: CEO Tina McKenzie is looking towards growth and future opportunities

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Vision: CEO Tina McKenzie is looking towards growth and future opportunities

Staffline Recruitment Ireland are incredibly proud to sponsor the 'Young Business Person of the Year' Award at The Belfast Telegraph Business Awards 2020.

This award is an important and timely recognition of the contribution that young business men and women make each and every day to our economy, whether they are young professionals, entrepreneurs or managers, as well as a vital acknowledgement that our young people are our future.

Every finalist in this category has truly made a valuable contribution to business activity in Northern Ireland and shows considerable promise as a future leader in business.

2020 has heralded a time of great change and uncertainty, upending long-held beliefs on working, changing perspectives on businesses, and forcing many to reassess future plans.

In the midst of these changes, young businesspeople are navigating this unknown terrain as well as planning for the future.

Such young people are those who often are able to lead the way, envisioning a new way of business or seizing upon an opening in the market long before anyone else.

The pandemic has accelerated years of changes on the future of work, and investment in and support for young business people as they navigate these changes is essential to rebuilding the Northern Ireland economy stronger and better than it ever was before.

At Staffline Recruitment, we are also focusing on preparing for the future and our role in engaging a young, new and motivated workforce across the island of Ireland.

In July this year, Grafton Recruitment rebranded as Staffline Recruitment Ireland.

With the long-term vision of our CEO, Tina McKenzie, we are looking ahead to a future where our team is able to leverage this established brand and grow opportunities with our parent company in Great Britain.

2020, while bringing its challenges, marks an exciting milestone for Staffline, which has grown into one of the biggest recruitment companies operating on the island of Ireland and is a tried and trusted provider of recruitment, talent management and HR solutions.

Endeavouring to serve every area of Northern Ireland and its economy, Staffline has 10 offices that service fintech, cyber security, pharma, science, agri-food, manufacturing and professional services industries.

Many of these are growing sectors in Northern Ireland, reflecting a changing economy moving from heavy industry towards technology and automation. Young people are at the forefront of these changes, and are always worthy of recognition.

As we all look forward to an economy post-pandemic, lessons can be gleaned from the first six months of 2020.

At the forefront of these is that businesses must become flexible, adaptable and prepared for the future, whatever it may bring, with young business people well-equipped to step into next year and beyond.

The recognition that the Young Business Person of the Year Award rightly gives highlights the priority for all businesses: harnessing the energy, drive and ability of our young people.

Staffline is sponsoring the category of Young Businessperson of the Year in the 2020 Belfast Telegraph Business Awards

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