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How BT is helping celebrate success in IT

The Belfast Telegraph Business Awards now include an IT Company or Team of the Year category. In 2015, IT firm Novosco won Overall Business of the Year
The Belfast Telegraph Business Awards now include an IT Company or Team of the Year category. In 2015, IT firm Novosco won Overall Business of the Year

By Paul Murnaghan, Regional Director, BT Business in Northern Ireland

At BT, we remain committed to supporting the local business community in Northern Ireland and we are delighted to once again be a category sponsor at this year's Belfast Telegraph Business Awards, sponsoring the new IT Company or Team of the Year category.

This award is a great opportunity to celebrate an IT company or team that has displayed excellence in developing and implementing a strategy to improve their business's success in our rapidly changing business environment.

BT is the leading communications and IT services provider in Northern Ireland and we place a huge importance on supporting local businesses with our leading edge technology to improve their productivity, competitiveness and potential in the developing digital age.

We are committed to creating a better world using the power of communications so that both private and public sector businesses across Northern Ireland can benefit and effectively grow with our support.

We are proud to be developing and delivering innovative technologies to businesses in order to help them to thrive on a global scale in this growing digital environment. It is a fact that digital technology is changing the world that we live, work and play in across Northern Ireland.

At BT, we want to show businesses how they can benefit from these new developments. Digital innovations have the amazing potential to change not just businesses, but also communities, nations and the wider world.

The emergence of the digital age means that businesses have the opportunity to rethink the ways in which they do things to ensure the most effective results for both staff and their clients.

At BT, we are continuing to help companies to make this transition, successfully navigate this world of change and make the best choices for their business needs.

Achieving potential is of paramount importance to our customers both professionally and personally, and in order to provide them with digital connectivity, we are continuing to grow our infrastructure links across Northern Ireland.

Every day, our engineers are out in the community rolling out next generation technology in businesses to ensure every single person has the opportunity to achieve their potential, through access to critical communications technology.

We are a part of the very fabric of Northern Ireland and we place a huge value on our role in bringing Northern Ireland the leading edge technology that it needs in order to thrive and compete on a global scale.

Exciting times lie ahead across our business. This is why we spend hundreds of millions of pounds each year on research and development and why, across BT globally, we have over 10,000 scientists and researchers working on new types of communications technology that will shape our future.

Therefore, in our ever-evolving digital landscape, we continue to adapt and develop innovative technologies and services to benefit our customers.

No matter what size of business you work in, we must always seek ways to push ourselves more and look at processes which will allow us to deliver the most efficient, effective and impactful results.

Northern Ireland is a fantastic place to do business and BT looks forward to continuing to work with all our customers and in particular with local businesses to support them with our resources in order to help them to achieve their goals for the year ahead.

We would like to wish all businesses entering this year's Belfast Telegraph Business Awards categories the best of luck.