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Consult NB1 is pleased to back the new category of Covid Response





Consult Nb1 Limited was formed in July 2004 to meet a developing need in the UK public and private sector marketplace for expert and experienced executive support services.

Nb1 identified a niche in the market for the suite of services it offers.

The company says: “We quite simply fill gaps and needs that exist in executive teams when specific situations arise in companies from time to time.

“The key ingredient of our success is that we provide experience, expertise and specialist knowledge immediately to our clients.

“We work professionally and confidentially with and on behalf of our clients to help them achieve the business objectives agreed for our engagement.”

It was set up by Noel Brady (above), who has held senior positions for over 40 years in both the public and private sectors. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Sales Institute of Ireland and is also a fellow of the IoD.

Noel is the finance non-executive director for the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust. He is Chairman of Continu Ltd and a member of the board of the NI Assembly Business Trust.

Noel says: “Nb1 is delighted to sponsor the Covid Response category.

“The importance of ICT in the fight against Covid-19 has been reported heavily in the media.

“Quite a number of our local ICT players have been heavily involved in providing systems and solutions to all sectors of the economy and very importantly directly into the Health sector to help in the battle against the pandemic.”

He added: “I was a judge in 2019’s awards and I am delighted to carry on with that role this year.

“It looks like there is going to be an even bigger level of entries this year and I would like to wish everybody good luck.”

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