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Why refurbished IT equipment is the way forward in modern 'circular economy'

RBU is proud sponsor of the Team of the Year category in the inaugural Belfast Telegraph IT awards, supported by Carson McDowell


Joe Hughes, Jamie Maginnis and Daryl Moore

Joe Hughes, Jamie Maginnis and Daryl Moore

Joe Hughes, Jamie Maginnis and Daryl Moore

RBU (Refreshedbyus.com) is proud sponsor of the IT Team of the Year category at the inaugural Belfast Telegraph IT Awards this year.

As a premium reseller of quality refurbished laptops and desktops, RBU sells products suitable for home, student, school and office use, providing users with high quality devices at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

RBU is a division of Mallusk based AMI, Ireland's leading secure IT recycling company. It works alongside AMI to promote the 'circular economy' by replacing the 'throwaway' culture with a 'reuse and recycle' ethos. At AMI and RBU, the focus is on extending the life cycle of entire assets where possible, with parts recovery being a last resort. RBU can offer this while providing cost savings to end users.

Despite many schools, businesses and home users now exclusively using refurbished equipment, some people are nervous about buying a refurbished device. However, there are several good reasons to do so, says the firm.

The lower costs associated with purchasing refurbished laptops is undoubtedly the number one reason to consider. Just like cars, computers depreciate significantly in value after purchase, but not necessarily in quality. A refurbished laptop is no less reliable than buying a second-hand car that's 'in good nick'. But, unlike a used car, refurbished computers have few or no moving parts, so don't degrade much over time. You can buy refurbished devices from RBU with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all RBU devices come with a one-year warranty and a no-quibble 14-day money back guarantee.

Buying refurbished equipment can also reduce the environmental impact of your household or business. Many companies have CSR and environmental policies that include minimising their impact on the environment and adopting ethical recycling practices.

If you buy refurbished laptops, you are automatically contributing to a reduction in the amount of electronic waste that is sent to landfill. It also helps your business demonstrate compliance with the EU Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and can form part of your application to achieve your company's ISO:14001 environmental accreditation.

Jamie Maginnis, business unit director at RBU, said: "At RBU we are delighted to be a sponsor at the Belfast Telegraph IT awards. We feel it's a great platform to give recognition to some of Belfast's best and brightest in IT, whilst also letting us share our vision of a more Circular Economy."

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