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Pet power: 30 winners who charmed the judges in our Pet Expo tickets competition [Photos]

Direwolf in training - Kuna at Inch Abbey, a Game of Thrones filming location, training to be a direwolf.
Direwolf in training - Kuna at Inch Abbey, a Game of Thrones filming location, training to be a direwolf.
Louie and Lola - Italian greyhounds aged 5 and 3
Snoopy Millar Adopted - Snoopy Millar is a Saluki cross greyhound. This is him in a forever home.
My new friend: This is my new puppy, Mylie. She was super tiny when she arrived at our house and I thought she was adorable.
Derp! Charlie was so excited being at his daycare that he forgot how to be a dog.
Ozzy and Max after walking new trails at Mountstewart
Nipper, the littlest one in the house, who adopted us a few weeks ago. He has his paws well under the duvet already!
My Teddy bear - Teddy is a Jack Russell mix, aged 9 months and is a bundle of energy
Shaky Jake: Out at The Lamppost Cafe for lunch
When you're caught in the act...The moment when, without a hint of shame, your pet rabbit poses for a photo as he causes the wilful destruction of my wife's flowers.
"Am I a good boy mummy?" This is Ralph a few days after an operation happy as Larry as per usual. He smiled the whole way through his recovery and didn't let it get him down.
Maggie posing on the arm of the couch where she can see out the window.
Comfy cat: Amber doing what she does best - snoozing!
Mr Fluffy - Miniature schnauzer puppy Freddie is currently 14 weeks old and super fluffy 
Danny made it home. Danny looking out at a new view after being adopted when his mummy got so sick and couldn't be there.
Charlie in the snow - taken winter during a winter snow storm and Charlie's first experience of snow at Whitespots Country Park, Co Down
"This is my poodle Alan at a dog show in Dublin. He is great fun and encourages me to enter dog shows, obedience and rally classes!"
Frankie is a 5 year old Border/Lakeland Terrier mix.
"Molly & Me! Forest fun"
Beautiful Bailie: My very gorgeous, cute, funny, clever, mad and extremely loveable Shih Tzu.
King Shaggy Rabbit the first
Unique bond: These two are the best of friends, an unusual friendship between a Staffy and tortoise... Scruff and Tommy both love to sunbathe together and be with each other all the time.
I feel like chicken tonight! "Lexi, my 9-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier deserves some tasty chicken. How could you resist that longing and loving facial expression? A dog who’s a friend to everyone she meets!"
"This is Ben, he is almost two years old and is the best thing to ever come into my life. I truly would be lost without this boy. The happiness he brings to me every day is priceless. I got him at a time of my life when I needed a real pick me up and I have never had a dull day since."
This is Molly, a West Highland White terrier and she is 9-years-old
King of the castle: Toby, Paul's 12-year-old cat
"This is Riley, our collie mix who is around 3-years-old! We got him as a rescue around 2 months ago from Almost Home Animal Rescue and we couldn’t be happier with him."
My best friend: "This photo was taken when we were going to the beach and it sums up how happy he is"
Enjoying an evening at the beach: Sandy noses and sandy toes are what to expect when Willow the Doberman hits the beach. Funnily enough the ball never gets a grain of sand on it as she is an expert catcher!
Pepper, Ollie and Milo!

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