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Belfast Telegraph Property Awards: New residential manager brings expertise and wide industry knowledge to top supplier

Electric Ireland, which recently appointed Clare McAllister to a top role, is the main sponsor of this year's Belfast Telegraph Property Awards. Here, she talks about driving the business forward


Clare McAllister,residential manager with Electric Ireland

Clare McAllister,residential manager with Electric Ireland

Clare McAllister,residential manager with Electric Ireland

Electric Ireland, partner of this year's Belfast Telegraph Property Awards, has an unrivalled 90 years of experience in the energy market as part of the ESB group, supplying 40% of SMEs and large businesses on the Island of Ireland.

In Northern Ireland, the company has been a mainstay for 20 years in the business market supplying the energy needs for many of Northern Ireland's Top 100 companies including Moy Park, BT, Huhtamaki and Allstate. The company's investment in the residential market since first entering in 2015 has complemented this notable growth in its business supply.

As residential manager, Clare McAllister leads the Electric Ireland Northern Ireland team which has made significant impact in the residential energy market: climbing from less than 700 customers to more than 82,000 in a three-year period.

With a brand awareness of 65% as well as a knowledgeable and passionate team, the energy company is confident it will continue to grow its customer base in the coming years.

Since having joined Electric Ireland as a customer relationship manager back in 2004, Clare has played an integral role in the company's success. Her previous experience in the electronic manufacturing sector as an engineer coupled with her background in customer relations has provided Clare with a broad understanding of and intelligent insights into the industry and has helped shape her customer-centred approach to client management.

Clare's position as chair of the energy institute of Northern Ireland, as well as her being a member of the Institute of Directors and director of ESB Energy Ltd, exemplifies her expertise of not only the energy sector but of the wider economic environment.

Clare's invaluable experience and strong positioning has enabled Electric Ireland to disrupt and challenge the traditional providers in Northern Ireland and has seen the company achieve significant customer growth in recent years.

Looking towards the company's plans for the future, Clare says: "There are both opportunities and challenges ahead for the Northern Ireland marketplace and we are committed to supporting our customers in an ever-changing environment.

"As a business we continue to invest, innovate and work with our customers to provide real, valuable support and it is that approach coupled with an outstanding team that will be the bedrock of our business in the years ahead."

Commenting further on the Electric Ireland Northern Ireland team, Clare says: "With our innovation, expert market intelligence and the insights from our team we are committed to providing real valuable support to our customers and it is that approach that is integral to growing our customer base across Northern Ireland.

"Our expertise in the energy market ensures that we are strongly positioned to support our residential and business customers providing them with the most relevant, affordable and tailor-made energy solutions and our partnership with the Belfast Telegraph Property Awards 2018 aims to continue this support in the wider business community."

This real valuable support not only benefits Electric Ireland's customers but local communities too through the company's various partnerships. Speaking about this support, Clare says: "Our sponsorship of Women's Football in Northern Ireland, the GAA Minor Championships and Darkness Into Light highlights our commitment to local communities.

"We are determined to help people achieve their ambitions and we're delighted to be supporting and empowering game-changers across the region.

"With plans for further expansion to our offices here in Belfast and with an industry-leading team we look forward to continuing this support to both our customers and communities in Northern Ireland."

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