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Belfast Telegraph Sports Awards 2012 - Sports Person of the Year with a Disability

The Purpose of the Awards

The purpose of the awards sponsored by Linwoods and supported by Sport Northern Ireland, is to identify sporting achievement and recognise those individuals, teams and organisations whose contribution to Ulster sport is outstanding. Nominations for the awards may be made by organisations, governing bodies of sport, district councils, local sport councils and individuals.

Sports Person of the Year with a Disability

This award is open to people identified with the Province and involved in a recognised category of sport for people with a disability whether as performers, organisers or supporters. Past winners are Sally Brown, Janet Gray, Jason Smyth and Niall McVeigh.

How to Nominate

Nominations close on Saturday 1st December at 5pm and can completed via our online form .

Everyone who nominates has the opportunity to claim 5 x 20p off vouchers of Linwoods' Super Healthy Milk drink, a new low fat and fresh milk product enriched with probiotic and vitamins, plus some free Linwoods Healthy Super Food Seed samples.

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