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Pandora Belfast jewellery store customer launch [Photos]

Zoe and Judith Curry from Newtownabbey
Zoe and Judith Curry from Newtownabbey
Sydney Murray and Trinity Murray from Bangor
Robert and June Moore from Larne
Paula Jane Loughlin and Gabrielle Loughlin from Belfast.
Noelle and Claire Lamont from Maghera.
Noelia Cano and Paola Labarbuta.
Natasha Davison, Alec Ian and Eveline Gourley from Belfast
Natalie Hodgen and Sarah Davison from Banbridge
Natalie Archer and Catherine Smith from Belfast
Lynsey Redpath, Natasha Davison and Emma Filmer
Lynne Fletcher, Rachel Fletcher, Lorna Foster and Lorna Osborne from Belfast.
John and Mary Hogg from Belfast
Ilona, Hollie and Abbie Robinson from Bangor
Gemma Thomson and Conor McCourt from Belfast
Emma and Heather Williamson from Hillsborough
Chelsea Sterling and Victoria Sterling from Belfast
Cecilia Ward from Dungannon and Janet Sinead Molly from Belfast
Caolan Conlon, Stephen Lawrence and Callum McAleer from Cookstown
Bethany Young and Taneese Woods from Antrim.
Becky Dodds and Alice Dodds from Belfast
Alice Green and Hannah McKee from Belfast
Alicia Almin andJoanna Farengolm from Belfast

The first 100 customers through the door received a free Pandora bracelet as the new Belfast store celebrated its opening on Saturday July 30.


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