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Northern Ireland's best Halloween fancy dress 2019 [Photos]

Aoife Anderson aged 5 as the bride of Frankenstein
Aoife Anderson aged 5 as the bride of Frankenstein
One-year-old cousins from Dundonald in search of the Wizard of Oz.
Ralph McCully age 3 from Portadown as Donald Trump
White Chicks by David and Christopher from Belfast
Oliver Roberts from Lambeg, Lisburn as Freddie Mercury
Ellie Irwin, age 8 from Dundonald
Una Burns and Sheila Woods from Fermanagh as Pennywise and Georgie
Sophia, (6) Corey (9) Isla (3) from Comber. A princess witch, a swamp zombie and princess Anna.
Mikey aged 3 as a dalek from Dr Who
Kayleigh McAllister age 7 from north Belfast as a genie
Chloe McAllister age 10 from north Belfast
Lochlan Bobby aged 3 from Belfast
Lynette and John Baxter as the Grady Twins from The Shining.
Harrison age 2, from Ballymena as a Belfast Giants Zamboni
Lori as The Grinch
Yasmin, Eoin, Daniel and Pat as the Scooby Doo gang.
Layla, age 2, dressed up as Cousin IT from the Addams family
Hugo McEvoy age 3 from Moira as a famer in his John Deere tractor
Sisters Lily and Ayla McAllister from Larne dressed as the Grady Twins from The Shining.
Bella McEvoy age 7 from Moira as Barbie in a box
Oscar Irwin age 8 from Lisburn as Joker
Julie Brennan age 10 as Winnie from Hocus Pocus
Megan, aged 5 from Belfast dressed as a dead bride.
Isaac Johnston aged 7 as 'scary Jürgen Klopp' with the Champions League Trophy
Hannah Gallagher aged 24 from Strabane wearing a homemade costume of Princess Daisy from Supermario.
Amelia-Lily Robinson aged 5 from Belfast
Saul and Lacey Greer
Kayla Magee, Crossgar, dressed as the grinch
Emily Fleming, age 7, from Coleraine, as a Zombie Bride
Lois Fleming, age 10, from Coleraine, as Arainne Grande Zombie

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