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Tele readers celebrate World Book Day 2019 [Photos]

Indie and Theo (both 5), Lisburn
Indie and Theo (both 5), Lisburn
Oliver Walker (10), Lisburn
Cooper (1) and Carter Blair (15 weeks), north Belfast
Riley Cameron (10), Belfast
Teresa (6) and Conor Spurgeon (4), Bangor
Jenson Crossett (5), Newtownabbey
Nevin Godfrey (8), Belfast
Tyler (7) and Isla (3), Portrush
Ella McCaw (4), Randalstown
Carter Monteith (4), Belfast
Willow Breen (4), Belfast
Olivia (6), Charlotte (8) and Kendell James (4)
Jordan Cooper (10)
Sophie Cooper (6)
Aimee Cooper (3)
Isaac Gilmore (5), from Maghaberry
Odhran (9), Belfast
Lily (8)
Submitted by Jennifer Bogue
Jack Logan (8), Belfast
Drew Logan (5), Belfast
Hannah and Katy Campbell, Newtownabbey
Ella Smith (3), Ballyrobert
Elisha Tinsley (10), Belfast
Oisín Colohan (2), north Belfast
Henry (5)
Kayden McCabe (4)
Arianna Curran (4)
Madison (8), Antrim
Abigail (8), Antrim
Levi Hamilton, Newtownards Model Primary School, Age 7, dressed as Ben from Gangsta Granny.
Lexie (9)
Noah Morgan (5), Antrim
AnnMarie Fenton (9), Lisburn
Bella Mcevoy (6), Moira
Michael Sherry, Belfast
Megan Shanks ( 8)
Amelia-lily Robinson (5), Belfast
Georgia Nickels (5), Lisburn
Anna Murphy (6), Belfast
Ella Morton (6), Newtonards
Jamie Jones-Bailie (5), Crossgar
Karla Holmes (4)
Clodagh (11) Hollie (7) and Jason (4), Portadown
Olivia Graham (4), Ballywalter
Mollie Lowther (4)
Rylee Holmes (6)
Amber McDonald (5), Portadown
Nah Hirthe (5), Belfast
Brooke McKee (7), Carrickfergus
Annabella Meharg (5), Maghera
Brothers Angus (8) and Thomas (10) Callion from Dromore, Omagh.
Riley James Bailey-Black (6 months), Belfast
Mia (5), Keady
Kathy Ferguson as Bill and Hazel Scott as Ben. Cumran Primary School, Clough, Co Down.
Amelia Rose, Age 5, Newtownards.
Lillie-Belle, aged 6, from Belfast as an lol doll.
A trio from the gingerbread book. Charlene, Sophie and Zach Mc Parland from Derry celebrating world book day.
Lorenzo William age 7 seaview primary school North Belfast. Jack and the beanstalk for World Book Day.
Aimee age 11 from Jordanstown: A balloonist from the Skychasers
Cuisle Carleton-Mcguinness age 3: Miss trunchbull
Daniel Craig, age 11, Bangor Central integrated primary
Aston (6) as Iron man and Cole (8) as Diego from the Umbrella Academy, both from Carrickfergus
Caitlin Glover - Age 4 - Bangor
Alys, age 8, Jordanstown: Alice in wonderland stuck in white rabbit's house
Evie Fawcett (6)and Lauren Fawcett (9) Antrim primary school
Betty O'Barley
Flynn Cuthill (7 months), Newtownabbey
Giovanni Williamson as gingerbread man age 4, Seaview primary North Belfast
Josiah Mander (4), Portadown. He loved dressing up and was so pleased with his own idea of a 'steering wheel' and 'box' as Tractor Ted from his counting book and having 'helped' in the painting.
George Woods aged 4, Holy Trinity Nursery School
Jackson Lawley (4) from Seaview Primary School dressed as Mr Bean
Jack McCutcheon, age 5, from Lisburn.
Lucas Cunningham, age 5 from Newtownards dressed up as the Gruffalo at Londonderry Primary School
Lilly Moore age 8 as Mary Poppins
Mollie aged 5 from a King's Park Primary
Luke Forde aged 2 from Portadown
Sophia Spence, Towerview Primary School Bangor as The Cheshire Cat.
Robbie Browne, Bangor, St Malachys ps. P4: Gangster granny
Tomas age 6 as Stickman and William age 4 as Oompa Loompa, from Portglenone.
Nevaeh aged 8 and Aoibh aged 5 from Ballymena
Rudy-May Moore age 5 as The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Schools across the UK were filled with Pippi Longstockings, Matildas and Harry Potters on Thursday for World Book Day.


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