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Video and pics: Think our trains are overcrowded? Then you probably don't want to travel in Bangladesh at Eid rush-hour...

By Claire Cromie

If you thought our trains were overcrowded, here's an image that will put you at ease next time you're squashed between strangers on your commute.

Bangladeshis packed into - and on top of - trains in Dhaka as they rushed to get home to break their last fast of Ramadan.

Observant Muslims across the world have for the past month fasted from sunrise to sunset, when Islamic tradition forbids any liquid or food passing the lips.

But as Ramadan came to an end this week, commuters in the Bangladesh capital raced to get home to prepare for the festival of Eid al-Fitr.

Hoardes of Muslims pushed their way into already-crammed trains with many taking dangerous journeys on top of carriages, clutching to roofs.

The beginning and end of Ramadan are marked by the lunar Islamic calendar and observance of Ramadan varies between countries.

The festival is marked in Bangladesh over a three-day public holiday when schools close and families feast together.

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