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Audacious Alanna Is Simply Hooked


AN Ulster girl's unlikely 'glove affair' is making history in the male dominated world of . . . boxing!

AN Ulster girl's unlikely 'glove affair' is making history in the male dominated world of . . . boxing!

For Sweet Sixteen sports star-in-the-making, Alanna Audley, from Belfast, is a real-life example of Girl Power, as she makes all the right moves in the ring.

The Sandy Row Amateur Boxing Club member became the first Ulster girl to compete in a fully recognised amateur contest in Ireland late last month.

Although she came off second best, in the Central Council organised three round battle, in Dublin's National Stadium, club trainer, Ian McSorley was still as pleased as punch with her performance.

"Alanna really enjoyed the experience. It was character building, and a piece of history in the making. We are already looking for a rematch."

"She's been training with us for a year, and she is very enthusiastic, and has loads of grit, determination and willpower.

"Alanna can go out jogging with the fellas, lead from the front, and then still be at the front when they come back. That says a lot about her.

"I think at the start, having girls in the club was treated as just a bit of a novelty. But, now we would reckon she is hitting as hard as some 15-year-old lads. She is a strong girl!"

The sports loving trailblazer praised the support of her fellow Sandy Row Amateur Boxing club members.

Alanna said: "They are all just like family in the gym, and everyone gets on really well. It's just like having your brothers there - enjoying yourself and doing sport.

"When I started, I wanted to go for the fitness. But, when you're out there in that ring, and you're boxing, and you've got people supporting you, it's a brilliant, amazing feeling. I just really enjoy it."

Alanna was back in action on a boxing bill and club fund-raising event last night, at the new £15m Ramada Hotel, in Belfast.

Among rare items being auctioned off was a training glove, donated by former world boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

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