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Bad back pervert fails court date

By Stephen Breen

A CONVICTED paedophile failed to turn up for his own court appeal hearing this week - because of a "BAD BACK".

A CONVICTED paedophile failed to turn up for his own court appeal hearing this week - because of a "BAD BACK".

Charles Duffin was due to appeal a jail sentence for abusing a young child, at Belfast Magistrates Court, last Wednesday, but his hearing was adjourned, until September 27.

Duffin's solicitor delivered a doctor's letter to Judge Rodgers on his client's behalf, and told the court he had been suffering from "bad back pains".

He was given only three months, in June, after pleading guilty to abusing a boy.

But, 'Dirty' Duffin immediately lodged an appeal, and walked free on just £100 bail.

The pervert's failure to attend court was slammed by his outraged daughter, Caroline McCord.

Mrs McCord attended the hearing to deliver a letter of protest to the appeal court over her father's "pathetic" three-month sentence.

After seeing both her father and brother, Victor Duffin, convicted of child sex offences, Mrs McCord launched a campaign calling for tougher sentences for sex crimes.

She is hopeful that the thousands of signatures she has gathered on petitions, will speed up a review of sentences handed down by judges to paedophiles and other sex offenders.

Mrs McCord has vowed to continue her campaign, and accused her father of "running scared".

She told Sunday Life: "He has caused so much pain to a lot of people, and yet he uses the excuse of a bad back as a reason to not to attend court.

"I don't remember him having any problems with his back. I will keep coming back to this court for his appeal - no matter how long it takes."

Mrs McCord's brother, Victor, was given an 18-month sentence, in 2001, for a series of sick sex offences against schoolgirls.

He later appealed the sentence, and served just three months of a six-month term.

This latest development comes after we revealed, in July, that staff at a Co Armagh swimming pool were put on alert, after the father and son, known as the 'Dirty Duffins', were spotted watching children's swimming lessons.

At the time, a member of the public recognised child abuser, Charles Duffin, from a Sunday Life article, and tipped off staff at the Cascades Leisure Centre, in Portadown.



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