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By Sue Corbett

ULSTER hunk Andrew Stewart is baring all - to bring festive cheer and send pulses racing!

ULSTER hunk Andrew Stewart is baring all - to bring festive cheer and send pulses racing!

For Andrew, who is signed to the Milan model agency Eye for I - as well as Belfast-based Style Academy - is the male pin-up in a daring Christmas card that will soon be dropping through letterboxes all over the country.

Clients of Style Academy are about to receive the yuletide greeting in a sexy card designed by agency boss Tracey Hall.

"We decided our female, as well as male clients, deserved some cheering up, so this year we opted for male and female models on the front of the card," Tracey told Sunday Life.

And fitness instructor Andrew - affectionately known as 'The Body' - is joined by two Sunday Life Covergirl winners and a Covergirl finalist.

Rachel Singleton, Claire Potter and Jahnassa Forbes are all pictured wearing pinstripe lingerie, while Andrew wears nothing but a padlock and chain.

"Andrew was so game, full marks to him for entering into the spirit of all of this," laughed Tracey.

"We had great fun styling the card and having the photos taken.

"Now I just hope our clients enjoy it as much, too!

"We expect it will be one of the more unusual cards on the mantelpiece this December."

The card bears the message 'Not Exactly Your Average Piece of Chain Male' alongside the photograph of naked Andrew, who is padlocked and chained to the three lingerie-clad female models.

Inside the card, the message continues '... But Then, We're Not Exactly Your Average Model Agency'.

Last year, Style Academy caused a sensation with its sexy festive card featuring a naked all-female line-up gift-wrapped in strategically-placed red ribbon.

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