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Disgraced inspector declared bankrupt

A BENT copper, jailed for corruption, has been busted yet again. . . this time by the tax man.

A BENT copper, jailed for corruption, has been busted yet again. . . this time by the tax man.

Dodgy Derek Robinson was declared bankrupt after the Inland Revenue petitioned the High Court.

The crooked ex cop was reported to have boasted to pals how he had stashed over £300,000 from his days of crime.

Dubbed 'The Laughing Copper', he insisted that he had no regrets, when he was eventually released.

But whatever illegal earnings he may have stashed away, the revenue collectors were clearly unhappy with outstanding tax owed by the Co Fermanagh-based crook and launched proceedings against him.

The shamed former RUC Inspector - who now describes himself as a "retired civil servant" - was declared bankrupt in May, according to High Court papers seen by Sunday Life.

He was jailed for two years in 2001, on a string of charges, including fraud.

His cop girlfriend, Constable Jocelyn Serplus, was sentenced to 100 hours community service, after he involved her in his scheming.

A huge internal RUC investigation found that he had used his £45,000-a-year position as a station inspector in Omagh to get lighter magistrates' court sentences for his pals.

He was also found to have netted £12,000 in insurance scams.

A Crown Court judge described Robinson as being motivated by "pure greed".

Behind bars, the bent cop befriended some of Ulster's most notorious sex offenders, including paedophile school teacher, Lindsay Brown, and former cross-dressing rapist cop, Eric Millar.

And the moment he walked free from Magilligan Prison in 2002, Robinson was on the make again.

Just days after he was released, he contacted a number of newspapers, asking up to £20,000 for his story.

He was almost universally shunned and eventually made do with a London-based newspaper making a small contribution to the Omagh Bomb Fund, instead.

He also boasted of plans to write a book, exposing other cops who were involved in corruption.

However, Sunday Life understands that he now works at an outdoor pursuits centre, near the shores of Lough Erne. He also had plans to open a guesthouse nearby.



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