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Dad takes care of a special delivery

A PROUD dad today told how he helped deliver an early Christmas gift to his family - in the bathroom of their Co Antrim home!

A PROUD dad today told how he helped deliver an early Christmas gift to his family - in the bathroom of their Co Antrim home!Hospital doctor Kerry Ng put his nursing skills to the test when his wife Margaret give birth to a bouncing 7lb 9oz baby boy on Christmas Day at 9.35am.

Kerry could not believe it when his wife went into labour at 8am in their Muckamore home - six days earlier than anticipated.

He said today: "I just went into a mad panic.

"We had hoped to have a home birth but Margaret was not due until December 30, so you could not image the panic we had that morning."

Kerry, who is originally from Malaysia, said he called on the services of his two friends, who are midwives, to help him deliver Margaret's festive bundle of joy.

His 18-month-old daughter Jasmin was also on hand to support her mother.

''Luckily I was able to contact my two friends who rushed to the house to help Margaret. '"I thought the snowy weather would stop them from getting here, but thankfully it didn't and they arrived about an hour after I called them.

"Nothing could prepare you for this sort of this.

"It was all a bit of a scramble and Margaret had the baby in the bathroom a relatively short time after she went into labour.

"And my daughter saw it all - it was wonderful."

Kerry said Margaret and the baby are doing well. They have yet to decide on a name but Noel hasn't been ruled out.

Meanwhile, maternity staff at Belfast City Hospital's Jubilee ward were kept busy on Christmas Day with the arrival of three tiny bundles of joy.

First to make an appearance was a bouncing baby boy, born to Julie George of Ballycarry.

Weighing in at 7lbs 4ozs, the new arrival later joined his big brother Bradley and dad Anthony at the family home.

Proud mum Julie said she was delighted with her special Christmas delivery.

Also putting in an appearance on December 25 at Jubilee was little Ryan Walker.

Mum Liane, from north Belfast, said her 7lb baby boy was "beautiful and healthy".

The third delivery of the day arrived around 1.30pm.

Mum Julie Walker said she was going to name her 9lb 2ozs baby son Thomas Robert.

At the Mater Hospital on Belfast's Crumlin Road, staff were celebrating the birth of Christmas baby Eoin McGuigan.

Eoin's mum Fionnuala works at the hospital as a staff nurse on the medical ward.