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Deery me...crook's at his work again!

The latest scam by Ulster's uncrowned 'king of crime' has been rumbled - thanks to Sunday Life!

The latest scam by Ulster's uncrowned 'king of crime' has been rumbled - thanks to Sunday Life!

We today expose infamous thief Sean Deery - who has more than FOUR HUNDRED burglary convictions - after he tried to con £800 from a north Belfast teenager.

Deery - jailed for two years in 2000 for a series of burglaries - posed as an employer with a bogus company, Security Fencing, and placed an advertisement for a labourer's position at the JobCentre in Belfast's Shaftesbury Square.

The serial burglar, using the name 'Chris', arranged to meet the teenager, after he inquired about the job.

But when the young man met with Deery, he was told he could have the job - provided he forked out £800 for a £2,000 plasma-screen TV.

The teenager only discovered who the 'employer' was after Deery was identified by a relative.

The thief placed the ad last month, but it was pulled last Wednesday after we alerted staff about the crook's latest criminal enterprise.

Staff at the JobCentre were shocked to learn the man who had placed the advert was one of the city's most infamous criminals.

The teenager who spoke to us also complained to the centre before the ad was pulled.

We repeatedly tried to contact Deery on the number provided in the ad, but he didn't return our calls.

Said the teenager: "After being out of work for while, I thought my Christmas had come early when this guy arranged to talk to me about the labouring job.

"I met him and, after a few minutes of talking about the job, he asked me if I wanted to buy one of these plasma TVs.

"It was only when I told my uncle about what was happening, that he told me there was no way I should hand over the cash.

"I arranged to meet Deery again and my uncle came. My uncle recognised him straight away because he is well-known in north Belfast.

"I then told Deery I didn't have the cash for the TV and he sped off in his fancy Jeep."

A JobCentre spokesman confirmed the advert had been removed.

Added the spokesman: "Shaftesbury Square Jobs & Benefits Office received a call indicating that there was a problem with this vacancy.

"We were told that a jobseeker had made contact with the employer, claiming to be from Security Fencing, who then asked if they were interested in purchasing cheap electrical goods.

"Staff have written instructions which provide clear guidelines on procedures for validating employers.

"As soon as it was realised there was a problem with this employer, the vacancy was immediately withdrawn."



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