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'Ian's coming for dinner...'

By Gail Walker

KERRY Carson has always loved a family Christmas with all the trimmings.

But this year, she says, will be the best ever...because there will be an extra place set at the dinner table for her fiance Dr Ian Adamson.

But this year, she says, will be the best ever...because there will be an extra place set at the dinner table for her fiance Dr Ian Adamson.

The 53-year-old former Lord Mayor and consultant paediatrician will be spending December 25 with his young bride-to-be at her parents' Belfast home.

'It's all so different from this time last year,' admits Kerry, (24), who became engaged to Ian in August after a 14-week whirlwind courtship.

'And then this time the following year Ian and I will be married and that will be different again.

'My parents have kept saying to me that this will be my last Christmas at home and doing all this 'bring out the violins' stuff.

'But, to be honest, Ian and I are already thinking of how we can continue to have all the family together at Christmas. We want to carry on the sort of Christmas that we both love.'Kerry, younger brother Conor and parents Douglas and Marie have always put 'a lot of effort into Christmas'.

She explains: 'We still go through the whole Santa bit. Dad comes downstairs in the morning, lights the fire in the front room and checks that Santa has been.'Happily Ian also loves keeping the tradition of Father Christmas alive.

He has a top-of-the-range Santa Claus suit which he bought in New York.

Every December he dresses up in the familiar red-and- white garb and tours children's wards, ho-ho-hoing and distributing gifts.

When we spoke, he'd just finished a seasonal visit to a community clinic off the Falls Road.

Ian, however, is remaining uncharacteristically tight- lipped about what gift he's chosen for Kerry.

'Yes, I've already bought it but she'll just have to wait,' he said cryptically.

And Kerry has also got Ian's presents sorted out.

She explains: 'With my family we never go for practical presents. Everyone has everything they need anyway.

'We just buy each other nonsense presents...things you never need and that will never be needed such as silly wind-up toys.

'But I've got Ian one serious present and then lots of silly little things that he'd never expect.'The couple will also spend much of Boxing Day together with Kerry's parents and brother and close family friends including cartoonist Rowel Friars.

After Christmas, however, student teacher Kerry will be back to her books, revising for her final year exams at Stranmillis College.

She also has to find time to finish preparations for the wedding on April 15.

'We've nothing organised apart from the reception and church. I still have to get bridesmaids' dresses, shoes, you name it...

'On top of that I'll have to study as well. What I really need is a wedding dress with a pocket in it for my revision notes.'

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