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Jailbird On Run From Mad Dog

Prisoner flees UFF hitmen after Adair drug revelations


THE jailbird who blew the lid off UFF boss Johnny Adair's behind-bars drug dealing has gone on the run - from prison authorities and loyalist hit-men.

THE jailbird who blew the lid off UFF boss Johnny Adair's behind-bars drug dealing has gone on the run - from prison authorities and loyalist hit-men.

Self-confessed drug dealer, Stephen McEntee, has fled from Magilligan prison, where he has been under a death threat from the jailed UFF boss.

McEntee, 22, is the crook whose shock claims about Adair's drug dealing led to Sunday Life being banned from the Co Londonderry prison for two weeks in a row.

But when he was given home leave last week - the first time the drug dealing conman has tasted freedom since revealed Adair's £2,000 a week scams - he fled, because the loyalist hard man has ordered he be shot.

Prison sources told Sunday Life they're glad he has done a runner.

One told us: "Ever since McEntee opened his mouth about Adair it's been a nightmare.

"Basically, he has been a dead man walking - and we have had to look after him."

"I'd be surprised if we see him again," our source added.

McEntee shared a landing with Adair in Maghaberry earlier this year, before being moved to Magilligan ahead of his planned release.

While he was there, McEntee claimed Adair boasted to him about the thousands of pounds a week he was raking in from his prison rackets.

In a Sunday Life interview, McEntee claimed Adair even offered the north Belfast Catholic money for information about Sinn Fein MLA, Gerry Kelly.

Prison authorities were due to quiz McEntee about his revelations.

A spokesman confirmed that McEntee had been given home leave last week - and failed to show up when he was due back behind bars last Tuesday.

He has been unlawfully at large ever since.

Dope czar's prison reign of terror

SELF-CONFESSED drug dealer Stephen McEntee triggered a bizarre behind bars ban on the Sunday Life when his shock claims about UFF boss Johnny Adair rocked the prison service.

Ulster's favourite paper was off limits to inmates at Magilligan prison for TWO Sundays in a row, because prison staff were worried that our exposure of Johnny Adair's drug dealing would cause a security nightmare.

Prison staff only let inmates read Sunday Life after taking guidance from their NIO bosses.

Adair rubbished claims that McEntee made against him - and even denied knowing the north Belfast conman.

But, according to loyalist sources, Adair is seething about the revelations and has put a bounty on McEntee's head.

McEntee told Sunday Life that he shared cannabis joints with Adair behind bars, when the loyalist godfather told him he was the "main man" behind the north Belfast riots.

He also alleged that Adair:

lMakes thousands of pounds from drug dealing inside prison.

lHas over a dozen drug dealers working for him inside Maghaberry.

lPasses drugs and cash at church services.

lTakes cannabis, speed and other drugs inside prison.

lPays Catholic prisoners for information about possible UFF targets.

lOrdered a vicious attack on a Real IRA prisoner.

Adair's close pal John White, described McEntee's statement as "absolute nonsense".

"This story is absolute nonsense. Johnny has said he does not even know this guy."

But the threat on his life was enough to make McEntee bolt, when he was given home leave from prison last week.

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