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Justice has been done, says family of victim

'Get out' plea made to other abused women

By William Allen

'WE treated him like a son before we found out exactly what he was like now the world can see him for what he is.

'WE treated him like a son before we found out exactly what he was like now the world can see him for what he is.

'I hope no other woman will stay in the situation Caroline was in. She kept the violence from us and I would urge any woman in the same situation, if there is any violence, to get out.'That was how Bridie McGrellis, the mother of murdered Derry woman Caroline Crossan, welcomed the verdict of a jury who found John Crossan guilty of the murder of her daughter.

Mrs McGrellis has shed many tears as she watched her former son-in-law trying to convince a jury he did not brutally murder his wife.

She and husband Hugh knew something the jury did not their daughter was a victim of frequent domestic violence.

Caroline's mother today said the jury got it right, adding: 'We didn't want revenge, we wanted justice and justice has been done.

'Crossan lied his way through the trial. The police were never told, but he did hit her before there's no doubt about that.

'We didn't really know much about it ourselves until later, but her sisters and friends knew.

'We have sat back and said nothing over the past 18 months, but now I want to say I hope he has to face what he has done every day now for the rest of his life.'The parents of the murdered 27-year-old also hit out angrily at Crossan's decision to put their 12-year-old grandchild Caoimhe on the stand as a defence witness.

'She should never have been exposed to that,' said Mr McGrellis. 'It was a disgusting thing for him to do.

'This has been a terrible time for us but now we can start to get on with our lives. We can't bring her back, but at least justice has been done for her,' said Mrs McGrellis.

Friends who gathered with the McGrellis family in Carnhill last night said Crossan had a very bad temper and a drink problem, though he had abstained from alcohol for some time.

There were no celebrations, just a quiet gathering to show support for a family which has been to hell reliving their daughter's nightmare death over the past four weeks.

Such was Caroline's popularity that the phone barely stopped ringing and the house was packed with callers.

'Everyone loved her,' wept her mother. 'Everyone called her sweet Caroline.'Describing the past 18 months as a 'total horror' for his family, Hugh McGrellis said: 'People don't realise what we went through, children sick with depression, not seeing some of our grandchildren since the funeral.'Clutching her husband for support, Bride McGrellis said her daughter was a 'wonderful girl'.

'She worked so many hours a day for her children. She was good mother.

'The last 18 months have been hell. We lost everything, Caroline and her children, they were all taken away from us.'She also made a plea to other victims of domestic violence.

'Get out of the situation that Caroline was in. She didn't tell anybody before it was too late.'

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