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Loyalist prisoners being released today

James Beck (35)

James Beck (35)Murdered a Catholic man while he slept on a park bench. Jailed for life in February 1994.

Thomas Beggs (27)Jailed for 25 years in December 1994, for murdering two Catholic workmen. Served seven years.

Graham Carlo Bingham (30)UDA man received 25 years in December 1994 for his part in the sectarian murder of Anne-Marie Smyth - Catholic mother of two children.

Gary Blair (32)Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1993 for his involvement in sectarian killings. Served eight years.

Samuel Cooke (35)Received a life sentence in December 1994 for the murder Anne-Marie Smyth. He has served six years.

Norman Coopey (29)He was jailed for life only 18 months ago for clubbing 16-year-old Catholic boy James Morgan to death in July 1997. Philomena Morgan, the victim's mother, has maintained that Coopey, who has an IQ of only 74, was not a member of a terrorist organisation and therefore should not be eligible for release under the Good Friday Agreement.

William Craig (56)UVF quartermaster who confessed to "clear his conscience" after police found a bag of bullets at his home. Jailed for 14 years in September 1997 for 13 offences including conspiracy to murder.

Glen 'Titch' Cunningham (32)Member of UFF jailed for 25 years for the attempted murder of a Catholic who went to his garden to investigate noises in March 1992. Cunningham was a member of the UDA/UFF delegation which met Mo Mowlam in the Maze in 1998.

Jeffrey Deeney (28)Sentenced to life in February 1995 for his part in the Greysteel massacre in which three members of the UFF burst into the Rising Sun Bar shouting "trick or treat" before opening fire. Eight people were killed.

Robert Glasgow (28)Jailed for 12 years in September 1997 for attempted robbery of a post office in Lisburn with three other men. Gang hoped to escape with £100,000 but the postmaster raised the alarm.

James Harper (36)Sentenced to life in March 1995 for his part in three sectarian killings and possession of firearms. Served six years.

Leslie Henry (32)Sentenced to life in December 1998 for the brutal murder of Greg Taylor - an RUC constable - whom he kicked to death. Served only a fraction longer than minimum two years required for early release under the Good Friday Agreement.

Stephen Irwin (26)Another member of the UFF gang jailed for the Hallowe'en "trick or treat" murders at Greysteel. Received life in February 1995.

Torrens Knight (30)Loyalist gunman convicted of 11 murders carried out by UFF in two massacres at Greysteel and Castlerock - in which four men died - in 1993. Knight has now claimed to have converted to Christianity.

William Lindsay (35)Jailed in September 1993 for killing a Catholic man, Peter McTasney, in his home in Bawnmore in 1991. While awaiting trial for murder in the Crumlin Road jail Lindsay held down a republican inmate while part of his ear was bitten off. Received a further five years for this in May 1994.

Jason Loyal (27)He and three accomplices received 12 years for failed attempt to rob a Lisburn post office in September 1997.

John Marsden (25)Received two life sentences in September 1995 for his part in the UVF killings of two Catholic workmen in Belfast.

Colm McKeown (29)Part of a four-man gang who attempted to rob a post office in Lisburn of £100,000. Jailed for 12 years in September 1997.

Brian McNeill (31)One of the four UFF members convicted of the massacre at Greysteel.

Victor Reynolds (29)The fourth member of the gang which attempted to rob the Pond Park Post Office in Lisburn of £100,000. Also jailed for 12 years in September, 1997.

Ryan Robley (36)LVF man who committed the murder of two best friends - one Catholic, one Protestant - as they sat in the Railway pub at Poyntzpass. Robley was jailed for life in 1998.

Alastair Stevenson (32)Jailed for life in 1998 for the 1997 murder of RUC man Greg Taylor.

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