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Neo-Nazis form axis with loyalists

Hitler-loving Combat 18 leader holds a summit of hate with notorious terrorist...

THE hate-filled Nazi-group, Combat 18, have forged links with notorious "trick or treat" UFF killer, Torrens Knight.

THE hate-filled Nazi-group, Combat 18, have forged links with notorious "trick or treat" UFF killer, Torrens Knight.

Security sources say the English fascists have increasingly turned their attention to the Greysteel killer, following the arrest of Armagh LVF man, William Thompson.

"He's a bit of a hero to theM (Combat 18)," said one source.

It is understood that, a senior member of C18 recently travelled to the north coast to meet 12 times killer Knight, who comes from the Coleraine area.

Combat 18 - the numbers 1 and 8 refer to the initials of Adolf Hitler's name - had been close to former RIR squaddie, William Thompson.

Thompson, 29, a tiler by trade, was jailed for nine years last week for storing weapons, including an Uzi sub-machine gun and pipe bomb parts.

During a raid on his Hamiltonsbawn home, police also found a huge amount of Combat 18 literature, posters and CDs featuring of pro-fascist rock bands.

Sunday Life first revealed Thompson's neo-Nazi links last March, when we published a photograph of the LVF man giving the 'Sieg Heil' salute at C18 White Power rally in Wigan, Lancashire.

The judge, who jailed Thompson, said some of the fascist material found at his home "made the blood run cold."

A security source told Sunday Life: "Since Thompson was arrested, the links between Combat 18 and the LVF in mid-Ulster appear to have dried up.

"He was their connection to the LVF.

"We believed he introduced C18 members to LVF leaders."

Thompson, an ex-lance corporal in the RIR, is believed to have first made contact with C18 members at a football match in London.

He was a fan of racist punk bands, such as Warhammer, No Remorse and Razor's Edge, who pump out sick anthems such as 'The Niggers Come Over' and ' Barbecue in Rostock' - which glorifies a mass murder arson attack on a Turkish workers' hostel in Germany.

The C18 supporting bands played a concert at a mid-Ulster nightclub in memory of murdered LVF leader, Billy Wright.

Security sources say English C18 leaders are now keeping in close contact with Greysteel and Castlerock killer Torrens Knight.

The multiple killer spent just seven years behind bars, before gaining early release last July under the terms of the Good Friday peace deal.

In April, 1995, he showed no remorse for his murderous exploits, telling a Sunday Life reporter he was "proud" of his part in the attacks, adding: "I'd do the same again."

But, later, Knight was reported to have "found God" behind bars.

And, last Christmas, born-again Knight sent a message to loyalist prisoners on a pro-LVF website, saying: "Trust in the Saviour - he will help you through".

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