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Paisley Pastor Blasts Bigotry

Free Presbyterian warns of racist 'blasphemy'

By Stephen Gordon

BIGOT row teacher Alan Campbell has now been accused of peddling racist views - by the Free Ps!

BIGOT row teacher Alan Campbell has now been accused of peddling racist views - by the Free Ps!

Already under fire for stirring up hatred against Catholics, controversial Campbell is now accused of promoting vile white supremacist views.

Leading members of Ian Paisley's church have rounded on the "British Israelite" views expressed by Campbell and other BI preachers.

The Rev Ron Johnstone, minister of Armagh Free Presbyterian Church, has led the attacks on the "false teachings" of BI teachers, who claim Celto-Anglo-Saxon people are the lost tribe of Israel.

Writing in a Free Presbyterian website, Mr Johnstone also accuses Campbell of distributing racist and blasphemous literature at a meeting attended by a Free P member.

He claimed Campbell had given out a copy of a book by American writer Sheldon Emery to "show why BI teaching was so important".

"The most serious thing about the book is the blasphemous teaching it contains," said Mr Johnstone.

"It was written to prove that 'our Race, the White Race, is God's Chosen Race'," said the Free P cleric.

"There are many racists attacks upon the Jew and coloured people," added Mr Johnstone, who said these included "vicious and derogatory comments about Africans".

The Armagh minister added: "We in the Free Presbyterian Church have missionaries in Africa, and every member should be disgusted and righteously angry at such vile literature."

Mr Johnstone has also attacked some of Campbell's own published views as "abhorrent".

Sunday Life has previously highlighted that Campbell has published works by a notorious South African racist on his Open Bible Ministries website.

Mr Johnstone has been stating his views in a series of articles on the Rev Ivan Foster's Burning Bush website. The articles have provoked a furious response from supporters of Campbell and other BI teachers.

There has been a flood of e-mails to the Burning Bush guest book, attacking Mr Johnstone and Mr Foster. One arrived from someone called "Ribera Semtex", giving their e-mail address as

Mr Foster has had to warn correspondents that he won't tolerate "abusive and unchristian" name calling on the site.

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