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Portadown drama festival

THE Guinness Trophy, which is the premiere award at the Portadown drama festival in the Town Hall was won by the Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society.

THE Guinness Trophy, which is the premiere award at the Portadown drama festival in the Town Hall was won by the Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society.

Ten nights of plays by different groups attracted large audiences and the standard was high with the prizes spread around several groups.


NATA Award: Neil Moore, Belvoir Players, Belfast.

B and H Martin Cup, lighting: Rosemary Drama Group, Belfast.

Rowel Friers Certificate, decor: Belvoir Players.

Gateway Theatre Award, stage management: Belvoir Players.

Bertil Gallagher Award, stage production: Rosemary Drama Group.

Eric Thompson Cup, best supporting actress: Treasa Davey, Newpoint Players, Newry.

R Spence & Son Trophy, best supporting actor: Brian Sleith, Holywood Players.

Mandeville Cup, best actress: Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Newpoint Players.

Charles Cooper Cup, best actor, Gerry McMullan and Stuart Wray, Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society.

Portadown Festival Association Cup, most promising actress: Joanne Hughes, Bart Players, Belfast.

William McKay Kenny Cup, best moment in theatre, emptying of files: Holywood Players.

Clonavon Cup, best play by Irish author; Belvoir Players.

Portadown Players Cup, best comedy: Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society.

R V Hawthorn Cup, best straight play: Rosemary Drama Group.

Topsy Wilson Challenge Cup, best audience appeal: Belvoir Players.

Mrs Warnock Cup, best producer, Lucy Alcorn, Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society.

Guinness Trophy, Portadown premiere award, best overall production: 1, Ballymoney Literary and Debating Society; 2, Belvoir Players; 3, Bangor Drama Club; 4, Rosemary Drama Group.


LOCAL dancer Iain Mackay won two trophies in the Senior section at Ballyclare Folkdancing Festival but was pipped for the championship title by Kerry Jordan from the Royal Tara school in Carrickfergus.

Tops in the nine year old section was Emma McKay from Ballymena while Louise Wilson from Castlerock was judged to be the most promising dancer in this age group.


Non-prizewinners reel, 9yrs - 1, Megan Thompson (Ollar); 2, Paula Barr (Castletown).

Prizewinners reel, 9yrs - 1 and Ballyclare Traders Cup, Natasha Smyth (Royal Tara); 2, Rachael McMillan (Mackay) and Samantha Lowry (Seven Towers).

Slip-jig 9yrs - 1 and Sportsman Shield, Jenna Hamill (Royal Tara); 2, Natasha Smyth.

Light double-jig, 9yrs - 1, Emma McKay (McCalmont); 2, Courtney Wilson (Royal Tara).

Slip-jig 9yrs - 1, Clayton McAuley (McCalmont); 2, Karen Glass (Ollar).

Heavy-jig, non-prizewinners, 9yrs - 1 and Butterfly Cup, Emma Gault (Ollar); 2(tie) Gerard McKenna (Donnelly) and Lauren Magowan (Mackey).

Novice reel, 9yrs - 1, Sarah Wallace (Mackey); 2, Nicola Davidson and Holly Clugston (both Ollar).

Boys any choice, 9yrs - 1 and Festival Statue, Ryan McKenna (Donnelly); 2(tie) Clayton McAuley and Paul Kelly (Donnelly).

Three-hand dance, 9yrs - 1, Ollar Team; 2, Seven Towers team.

Any light-jig, non-prizewinners, 9yrs - 1 and Bob's Electric Shield, Megan Thompson; 2, Sarah Campbell (Bentra) and Paula Barr.

Any team dance 9yrs - 1, Dempsey A; 2, Dempsey B.

Heavy jig 9yrs - 1 and Ballyclare Traders Cup, Clayton McAuley; 2, Aissa Hanna (Graham).

Hornpipe 9yrs - 1, Jenna Hamill; 2, Blair Nicholl (Seven Towers).

Couples dance, 9yrs - 1, Seven Towers; 2(tie) Mackay and Ollar.

Championship 9yrs - 1 and Ballyboe Cup, Emma McKay; 2, Jenna Hamill.

McAllister Cup award to best-placed local in championship, Karen Glass.

Appollo Cleaners Trophy awarded to most promised nine-year-old dancer, Louise Wilson, Castlerock.

Senior reel - 1 and Thomas Bailie Memorial Cup, Nichola Laverty (McDowell); 2(tie) Iain Mackay (Mackay) and Regina McNeill (Castletown).

Light-jig Seniors - 1 and Wilson Masonry Cup, Iain Mackay; 2(tie) Judith Toland, Ballynafeigh and Deborah Sloan (Ollar).

Slip-jig Seniors - 1, Kerry Jordan; 2, Stephanie Hamilton (both Royal Tara).

Seniors standard team dance - 1 and Festival Committee Cup, Seven Towers Team; 2, Ollar Team.

Non-standard team-dance, seniors - 1 and Symington Cup, Seven Towers.

Seniors treble-jig - 1 and Wilson Masonry Cup, Iain Mackay; 2, Gail Johnston (Castletown).

Senior hornpipe - 1, Philip Magee (Royal Tara); 2(tie) Kerry Jordan and Nichola Laverty.

Couples dance seniors - 1, Mackay; 2, Ollar.

Senior team championship - 1 and Cahoon Cup, Seven Tours.

Senuior championship - 1 and Festival Committee Cup, Kerry Jordan; 2, Fiona Moore (Royal Tara).

On the final day of the Festival the adjudicator Sheelagh McCloskey announced the following special awards:

Margaret Stewart Cup for best open performance of Festival - Nicola Laverty, Ballymoney; Loughgiel Trophy for best standard team in Festival - Dempsey School, Larne; Andrews Trophy for best slip-jig performance of Festival - Allison Lennox, Cullybackey; Graham Rosebowl for best interpretation of dancing - Gemma Rafferty, Carryduff.


Non-prizewinners reel, 7yrs - 1 and Butterfly Cup, Anna Callan (Donnelly School); 2(tie) Ellen McFarlane and Cathy Lennox (both Seven Towers).

Slip-jig prizewinners 7yrs - 1, Naoimi McAuley (Royal Tara).

Single jig prizewinners 7yrs - 1, Zoe Younger (Mackay).

Light double-jig prizewinners 7yrs - 1 and Ballyclare Traders Cup, Kerry McLeod (Ollar).

Novice reel 7yrs - 1, Charlottee Howie (Bentra); 2(tie) Chloe McKeown and Gillian McCloy (both Mackay).

Prizewinners reel 7yrs - 1 and Festival Statue, Kerry McLeod; 2, Naoimi McAuley.

Light double-jig non prizewinners 7yrs - 1, Cathy Lennox; 2(tie) Ellen McFarlane and Charis Hanna (Mackay).

Single jig non prizewinners 7yrs - 1, Lucy Camlin (Mackay); 2, Beth McClements (Aisling),

Heavy jig 7yrs - 1 and Hagan & Simpson Shield, Kerry McLeod; 2, Marianne O'Toole (Glenarna).

Couples dance - 1, McCann School; 2, Ballynafeigh School.

Three-hand dance 7yrs - 1, Donnelly Team; 2, Ollar Team.

Any team dance 7yrs - 1, Mackay.

Championship 7yrs - 1, Kirsty Jordan (Royal Tara); 2, Amy-Claire Boyle (Bentra).

Ballyboe Shield for best placed local in championship class - (tie) Zoe Younger and Kerry McLeod.

Most promising dancer in 7yrs section - Shauna Kearney (Donnelly).

Non prizewinners reel - 1 and M Graham Cup, Rebekah Hamilton (O'Connor); 2(tie) Megan Magill (Dempsey) and Lauren Davison (Seven Towers).

Single jig prizewinners 8yrs - 1, Emma McKeary (Graham); 2, Jamie Johnston (Royal Tara).

Light double-jig prizewinners 8yrs - 1, Fiona Gleeson (Reilly); 2, Danielle Penny (McCalmont).

Slipjig prizewinners 8yrs - 1, Stephanie Dickson (Reilly); 2(tie) Nicola Garrett (McCalmont) and Clare MacKay (Royal Tara).

Novice reel 8yrs - 1, Caitlyn Armstrong (Bentra); 2, Jessica Beckett (Mackay).

Boys any choice 8yrs - 1 and Jim McMaster Trophy, Luke Murphy (Royal Tara); 2, Jamie Johnston.

Prizewinners reel 8yrs - 1 and Royal Tara Shield, Stephanie Dickson; 2, Shannon Millar (St Patrick's).

Light double-jig non-prizewinners 8yrs - 1, Rebekah Hamilton; 2, Lauren Davison.

Single jig non-prizewinners - 1, Fionnuala Carmichael (Ollar).

Treble jig prizewinners 8yrs - 1 and Festival Committee Cup, Nicola Garrett; 2 (tie) Danielle Penny and Ashley Dunbar (Castletown)

Heavy jig non prizewinners - 1 and Ollar Shield, Stacey Craig (McDowell); 2, Catherine Sweeney (Graham).

Couples dance 8yrs - 1, McCalmont School; 2, Dempsey School

Three hand dance 8yrs - 1, Glenarna School; 2, Graham School.

Any team dance 8yrs - 1, Seven Towers; 2,(tie) Glenarna and Royal Tara.

Championship 8yrs - 1 and J M Swinnerton Cup, Fiona Gleeson; 2(tie) Nicola Garrett and Genna Armstong (Bentra).

The Mayfair Shield for most promising dancer in 8yrs age-group, Ashley Dunbar.

Most promising boy dancer in Festival - Paul Kelly, Ballymena.

The accompanists were Rose Murray, Ballymena and Iain Mackay, Parkgate.


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