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Real lives with Karen Ireland - Finding the spirit to heal people

Events conspire to bring Karen Ireland to meet with two women who aim to use mind over matter to heal others

By Karen Ireland

AS I sat in Roisin McNulty's Dromore home I realised that I had absolutely no idea of why I was there or what I wanted to talk to her about.

AS I sat in Roisin McNulty's Dromore home I realised that I had absolutely no idea of why I was there or what I wanted to talk to her about.

This was a first for me but just one of many firsts in relation to this article.

All I knew was that I wanted to meet this woman and find out more about her and what she does for a living.

I tell her this and she doesn't seem surprised.

"All the signs pointed to you coming here and there is a reason for that and for everything," she gently reassures me.

Despite all of the talk of signs and spirits, within the first five minutes of us meeting, I feel strangely at ease with Roisin and her business partner, Molly Fairley.

Roisin, a highly-reputed clairvoyant from Dungannon, tells me I wouldn't be there at all of it weren't for my brother-in-law, David.

"I don't give interviews or seek out publicity as my work speaks for itself but, when you mentioned David, I knew there was a reason for him bringing you to me," she points out.

It was through David I heard about Roisin and Molly, albeit vaguely.

"They do some sort of fortune telling and teaching thing," he casually informed me.

But it was enough to arouse my journalistic intrigue and to lead me to Roisin's sofa.

Together with Molly, a London medium and psychic, who has taught all over the world, she runs psychic 'healing and clearing workshops' in her Dromore home.

Essentially, they explain, this involves them using their psychic and medium powers to clear blockages and problem areas leaving the recipient feeling better physically, spiritually and mentally.

"People can have blocks about all sorts of things from weight problems to smoking, fear of flying, grief and even stress and work issues," says Roisin.

Molly adds: "We are guided by the spirits who help us identify where the problem is coming from and then we work on releasing all that negativity."

There is no doubt that this pair are in harmony with each other, finishing each other's sentences and reading each other's thoughts and actions.

Roisin says she'd never met anyone else who did this kind of work until her path crossed with Molly a couple of years ago at a psychic event.

Since then they have brought their workshops everywhere from London to Germany, Dublin to Spain and are heading to the US soon.

"Psychic healing is all about teaching people how to heal themselves," explains Molly.

But is this all just hocus-pocus?

Personally, I doubt it. It is almost too unbelievable not to be genuine.

After a short time with the pair, Molly had diagnosed two ongoing and very specific medical concerns of mine.

However, Molly claimed she could 'heal' me with a few sessions.

I found the experience emotional but not spooky, and comforting, nor distressing.

It was, however, I admit, surreal.

Pretty much everything was.

Such as Roisin explaining how she had come to find herself living in Dromore.

"The spirits guided me here.

"I was sitting in the airport in Belfast asking them to guide me to a new house. A paper blew open and I saw an ad for this house," she reveals.

"We bought it a week later after we came home from Spain, I knew this was the house for us."

The 'us' includes her fiancé, Bill, a businessman from Belfast, to whom, she says, the spirits also guided her.

"I got an invite through the post to an event at a club in Belfast.

"I had a feeling about it that I would meet someone special and experience has taught me not to ignore these feelings.

"I went along with a friend and was immediately drawn to Bill through the crowd.

"Bill felt the same but I think he was a little blown away when I told him I was with his mother (she died when he was very young) and that she had guided me to him as he was to marry me."

Thankfully for Roisin, Bill overcame any misgivings and asked her out to dinner.

The wedding is planned for next year.

"He's got used to it," jokes Roisin.

"We will be standing in the queue for Tesco and I will suddenly get a message for someone standing a few people in front of me.

"He rolls his eyes at me and says 'not again', but he knows this is just something I have to do."

I ask Roisin the response she gets on approaching strangers with a message from a dead relative.

"It is amazing. I have never had a negative response.

"The spirits seem to guide me to the right people and they are always comforted by what I have to tell them."

Having started with several workshops a year, demand has led the duo to now host several a month.

"I used to work one- on-one with the readings but the workshops are much more effective when done in a group format," says Roisin.

Having once owned and managed bars and clubs in Spain, Roisin began this spiritual journey six years ago when she started working from home before opening her shop, Mystical Rhythms, in Dungannon.

"It is a long way off from what I used to do but I've been guided here and this is what I have to do.

"Yes, sometimes, I wish the spirits would go away and I could relax and have a glass of wine and a night off but it doesn't work like that.

"I have work to do and there's a reason for that and a reason for everything."

I have to say I agree. For me, much of what Roisin and Molly predicted and interpreted was extremely personal and I suppose only time will tell.

Since our meeting, I have had several healing sessions over the phone with Molly and, yes, I have noticed a new sense of calmness and an improvement in my general well-being.

They believe it's mind over matter and I am just relieved something has finally worked.

But one thing's for sure, these are two remarkable women who have left a lasting impression on me.

- The next workshops will take place at The Coach House in Dromore on the weekend of August 16. These will be weight clearing and personal blockage workshops. Charges are £70 for the workshop. Further information and bookings can be made on 028 87729222 or log on to

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