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Sarah's in the spotlight

By Pauline Reynolds

TOP Beeb broadcaster Sarah Travers has taken the spotlight for a very special photo shoot.

TOP Beeb broadcaster Sarah Travers has taken the spotlight for a very special photo shoot.

The brunette beauty proudly shows off her gorgeous baby girl for the first time, in front of the cameras.

And at just four months old, little Evie Rose proves she's as photogenic as her glamorous mum.

Sarah has recently returned to our screens, after taking time off in the middle of March, in preparation for her new arrival.

And a few weeks later, she gave birth to the adorable 8lb 9oz bundle of joy, a baby sister for big brother Jack, aged 6.

Both Sarah, 29, and partner, Stephen Price, are delighted with the latest addition to their family.

And the new mum tells the latest edition of Ulster's leading Northern Woman magazine, that motherhood is easier second time round.

"I was quite young when I had Jack, so the sleepless nights were a bit of a shock to the system," she says.

"The lack of sleep does take its toll on you, but Evie is a very good baby."

Sarah joined the BBC Northern Ireland news team in 1999, and has been a rising star ever since.

Although her job can entail a 4am wake-up call and a daily drive from her home in Portstewart, to the Belfast studios, she still comes across as relaxed and at ease.

Her stunning looks and professionalism on screen have made her a telly favourite with the viewing public.

But what does the news presenter think of growing old?

She's adamant she would never consider cosmetic surgery.

"I've just heard too many horror stories and I've seen too many people who have had procedures go horrifically wrong," says Sarah.

"Besides, I'd be too frightened of needles for any of that!"

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