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Sex-starved Black Widow snares warder

Jailhouse rocked by torrid allegations

By Stephen Breen

A MALE prison officer has been suspended from Maghaberry jail over a suspect affair with sex starved 'Black Widow' killer, Lesley Gault.

A MALE prison officer has been suspended from Maghaberry jail over a suspect affair with sex starved 'Black Widow' killer, Lesley Gault.

The shock move followed the discovery last week of love letters, stockings, knickers and a mobile phone in the senior prison officer's private locker.

Man-eating Lesley Gault - serving life for conspiring with her fireman lover in the savage murder of her husband - is understood to have made over 130 calls to the married jailer.

Prison bosses were shocked to discover that Gault had made scores of calls to him from the women's wing of the jail, from where all telephone conversations, mobile and landline, are monitored.

The seized phone was last week taken away for forensic examination by police.

And it is also believed that transcripts of some of the calls were presented to the stunned officer, shortly after his locker was raided.

Prison sources say there are fears the officer may have left himself open to blackmail by ruthless Gault, whose fireman lover, Gordon Graham, battered her husband Paul to death, with a hockey stick, at the Gault's Lisburn home.

A senior prison source claimed the officer and the infamous Black Widow first met last year, when the officer was posted to Mourne House, home to women prisoners, asylum seekers and ousted UDA chief Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair.

Last week, the veteran officer was formally suspended, and a full investigation into his alleged relationship with the husband killer was launched.

This is the latest scandal to rock the prison.

Last October, a pretty female officer was suspended over her alleged links outside the prison to LVF leader, Billy King and one of his associates, a notorious drug dealer.

It is understood the female officer was given the sack last week, following an inquiry.

Meanwhile, a senior prison source told us that the prison officer's suspected affair with Gault was the "talk of Maghaberry".

Said the source: "News has spread like wildfire among the prisoners and the staff - it's everywhere.

"Nobody believed it when they heard it because the office has worked in the prison service for a long time, and is seen as a good family man.

"He got to know Gault by working on her wing and then his interest in her developed... the talk is that he was besotted by her.

"The officer could not believe it when his locker was searched, and everyone is asking the question how he is going to explain his suspension to his wife.

"We don't know what Gault's motive is, but she has been getting very friendly recently with Real IRA prisoners in Mourne House."

A Prison Service spokeswoman refused to comment on the sensational claims.

Added the spokeswoman: "We are not in a position to comment on the status of individual employees at the Prison Service, or any personnel matters."

Gault, 36, was convicted of killing her husband last March.

The mum-of-triplets was ordered to serve a minimum 15 years, while her lover, Gordon Graham, received a 20-year minimum tariff.

Both are appealing the convictions.

The witches of east wing

LESLEY Gault is one of a trio of killer wives in Maghaberry, who have been dubbed the 'Witches of East Wing'.

The cold-hearted adulteress joined Fermanagh blonde, Julie McGinley and Ballymena bruiser, Karen Murdock, behind bars last March.

McGinley and boyfriend Michael Monaghan carried out the love-triangle killing of her hardworking husband, Gerry McGinley.

Boozy Murdock stabbed her RIR soldier husband, Joe McDonnell, to death, before finding her true soul mate behind bars - serial love-cheat and convicted strangler, John Murdock.

The House of Horrors wedding took place at Maghaberry, in 2000.

Gault and fireman, Gordon Graham, tried to make her husband Paul's murder look like the work of a burglar.

But the secret lovers had left clues about their affair, including a series of graphic love-letters, and dozens of phonecalls to each other.

A jail source described Gault as "poison", following the shock suspension last week of a prison warder suspected of a relationship with her:

"She really is poison. If this officer has got involved with her, he's a fool. He could lose his job, maybe his marriage over her.

"But even then, he'll be getting off lightly compared to the last two men in her life. One got beaten to death, and the other's doing 20 years for her."


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