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Stakeknife: Death in a ditch

REVEALED: The first complete list of victims of the IRA's so-called 'Nutting Squad' while Scappaticci was a member

SOME victims of Scappaticci and the IRA's 'nutting squad' were informers. Some, however, were not.

SOME victims of Scappaticci and the IRA's 'nutting squad' were informers. Some, however, were not.

But, the following people died while Army intelligence ran the man behind the interrogations, the beatings, the torture and the shootings.

Martin Ingram's experience of handling agents in Northern Ireland, suggests that Scappaticci would have been involved in the majority of the murders listed.

But, it would also suggest that he would have had knowledge of every single death, when and where it was to take place.

There were 35 victims while Scappaticci worked in the 'nutting squad':

Paul Valente (33), a father-of- four, shot dead, November, 1980.

Maurice Gilvarry (24), abducted, tortured and shot dead by the IRA in south Armagh, January, 1981.

Patrick Gerard Trainor (28), a father-of-three, was found dumped at Belfast's Glen Road, February, 1981.

Vincent Robinson (29), a father-of-two, was found dead at Divis flats, June, 1981.

Anthony Braniff (27), was found dumped at Odessa Street, in the Falls area, September, 1981.

John Torbett (29), was shot at his home at Horn Drive in Lenadoon, January, 1982.

Seamus Morgan (24), was abducted by members of the IRA's internal security unit and shot dead, March, 1982.

Patrick Scott (27), found shot dead in the lower Falls, April, 1982.

James Young (41), body dumped near Crossmaglen, February, 1984.

Brian McNally (25), found dumped on the side of a road near Meigh, south Armagh, July, 1984.

Kevin Coyle, 24, father-of-three, shot dead in the Bogside, Londonderry, February 1985.

John Corcoran (45), father-of-eight, was dumped in a field near Ballincollig, Co Cork, March, 1985.

Catherine and Gerard Mahon, murdered, September, 1985.

Damien McCrory (22), found in Strabane with bullet wounds to the head, October, 1985.

Frank Hegarty, murdered, Co Donegal, May, 1986.

Patrick Murray (33), found in an entry in the Clonard area of west Belfast, August, 1986.

David McVeigh (41), found shot dead near Carlingford, September, 1986.

Charles McIlmurray (32), father-of-two, found shot dead in the back of a van near the checkpoint at Killeen, south Armagh, April, 1987.

Thomas Wilson (35), shot dead at Rodney Parade, west Belfast, June, 1987.

Eamonn Maguire (33), from Dublin, found dead in south Armagh, September, 1987.

Anthony McKiernan (44), father-of-four, found shot dead in Beechmount, January, 1988.

Joseph Fenton (35), from west Belfast, murdered in February, 1989.

John McAnulty (48), abducted from a Dundalk pub and dumped at Cullaville, July, 1989.

Paddy Flood (29), found dumped near Newtownhamilton, July, 1990.

Ruari Finnis (21), found dumped behind shops in Derry's Creggan estate, June, 1991.

John Dignam, Gregory Burns and Aidan Starrs, shot dead, July, 1992.

Robin Hill (21), found dumped at Beechmount Gardens, west Belfast, August, 1992.

Gerard Holmes (35), body dumped in the Creggan estate, Derry, November, 1992.

Christopher Harte (24), found dumped Castlederg, February, 1993.

James Gerard Kelly. IRA member. Found shot dead March, 1993.

John Mulhern (23), Found shot dead outside Castlederg, June, 1993.

Michael Brown. IRA member. Found shot dead on the Omeath-Newry Road, April, 1994.

Caroline Moreland (34), found shot dead at Cloughmore, Co Fermanagh, July, 1994.


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