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Tracy's whipping up a storm in a double D cup

'Now I've got them, I'll flaunt them'

TRACY is the blonde bombshell who hopes her boobs will become her biggest asset.

TRACY is the blonde bombshell who hopes her boobs will become her biggest asset.

And, already Glengormley girl, Tracy Rossborough, is stopping traffic in Belfast, as she proudly flaunts her new look double D cups.

She's fronting an eye-catching new poster campaign for local cosmetic surgery company, Medi-Cosmetic, after being thrilled with the results of her own life-changing breast enhancement op.

"I had my operation in February," said Tracy.

"I went from a B cup to DD, and they look fantastic. I'm really delighted.

"After the operation, I said to Medi-Cosmetic 'if you ever need a model to promote boob jobs, I'm you're girl. I'd love to do it'."

Her provocative pose in a skimpy white bra is turning heads, and she hopes it could give a huge lift to her ambition to become a Jordan-style topless model.

Tracy, who shelled out £3,750 for the operation, works as a hostess on Caribbean cruise ships, and has been modelling part-time.

She told Sunday Life: "Even if I wasn't a model, I would still have had it done, because I wanted bigger breasts. I'd been thinking about for quite a while.

"I feel much more confident about myself now."

She happily admits it's a case of 'now I've got them, I'm a gonna flaunt them'."

"Men love to look," she laughs.

"But I don't mind at all, I really enjoy it. I love wearing skimpy tops and going bra-less.

"All the reaction I've had so far has been positive, from both men and women.

"My mum, Janet, was very supportive. She came with me to the hospital."

The operation took 45 minutes under general anaesthetic, and Tracy stayed overnight in a private suite at a Belfast hospital.

Nurse Denise Beck, of Medi-Cosmetic, based in Whiteabbey, says eight to 10 women a month undergo breast augmentation operations.

"Clients range from 18-year-olds to women in their 50s," said Denise.

"Generally, they want to raise their self-esteem.

"We are a nurse-led clinic, we do not employ sales staff. Sales people can give clients unrealistic expectations.

"Our clients first have a consultation with a surgeon, who advises them on what can safely and realistically be achieved.

"Tracy is obviously delighted with her new look, and we're really pleased for her.

"But, if she ever wanted to go any larger, we just wouldn't do it, she would have to go elsewhere. Our advice would be don't do it."


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